Where It All Started

May 4, 2018
By idavis BRONZE, Brooklyn , New York
idavis BRONZE, Brooklyn , New York
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My name is Imani and this is my story .Today is the first day I came to this school. I only had one friend that goes there and her name is Tommie. When i came to this school i met new people .  I was put into a new class ;  I saw some girl named Anastasia. Friends call her Annie.  I was thinking in my head,  I have to make her my friend ;she looks cool.  I saw her a couple of times in the hallway , but we never talked.We just  looked at each other. We didn’t really talk because she had beef with my other friends. They used  to always fight and  have arguments. She didn't really trust me because, I was cool with the people she was fighting with . Annie did not like me at first, we used to do work together but never really talked. After a while we got closer and everything started to change. Annie is a good friend she always doing her work passing her classes. 


The main reason why i trust her and the reason why I really want to be her friend because she didn't move funny to me when I was cool with her enemies. I knew she was the realest. Anastasia is very trustworthy. She is always there when you need her. The main reason I really like her is because she did not really have friends and because she was always in something due to the bro named aaron. Aaron been the bro for a long time to but i never knew that annie was one of his girlfriends. Until one day he walked her to class. He came to me and said , “ wassup”,and she said , “hi”. After that we were all chilling inside the weight training room. So from that day forward we hung out more and more. Anastasia used to always use to talk about being pregnant, but i never believed her cause all she do is play. Then she was telling me she wasn't getting her monthly. So the next night at 2:oo am and she called me and said “i just went through his phone and he was talking to a girl and i blocked her number ” I was half asleep so i really didn't care.

The next day annie was mad at me because I did not care last night when she called me about that . Only because I was sleepy. Two days after that annie called me in told me that she was inside the hospital because she hurt her hand. A day before she went she had a altercation with her babyfather. Her mother told the doctors to check if she was pregnant. Then the result came back positive, she couldn't get a xray because of the radiation would hurt the baby.

For some reason i was happy for her. The next day it was school so when she came back i was being nice to her. After some months , me and Anastasia got even closer. One day we were at lunch and anastasia  went for a  walk.I was sitting in the staircase with one of my friends named Shadea, some girls came out and caught a attitude because they was grilling me so i did it back.They started to get crazy like , “what you looking at”, so we were  going back and forth and the girl i was with was sitting there was looking dumb. Till anastasia stomach turned the corner before she did came and stopped me like “what happened”. I told her everything that was going on. Anastasia saw inside my face that I was mad. But after a little she was making me smile.

We was inside class talking chillin so I ask annie can she come with me to the barber shop. She said “yes”. On the way there we was making videos in taking picture. The next day inside school we was talking about if she having a boy or girl…I was telling her that I want her to have a boy but she wanna to have a girl. Two months later she went to the hospital to see what she was having, and she found out it was a girl.  I was surprised because I heard with girls you be sick through your pregnancy. She was never sick inside school. But she post on snap thats she was having a girl i was happy for her but at first i did not believe her.

One time annie let me down when i told her to stop beefing with ugly girls thats mad big. But i started it back up because i gave one of the girls that she had beef with my password. From there she went through my messages and found one of anastasia’s ex friends password. They use to talk about her then the girl found out and went to anastasia house when she was pregnant. And they had a fight and her babyfather did not do anything about it. She put me down because i told her dont go outside she don't need to be fighting when she was pregnant. After that i was fake mad at her. Anniie was always staticky .. Idk why.. It made me feel mad because she was crazy, big and pregnant.

We always was inside ms pam room. So one day all hell broke loose. Me and Anastasia was walking to Ms. Pam’s room and my big bro aaron aka annie baby father  came out of ms.pam room . I didn’t know that Anastasia and Aaron was beefing so he came out ready to fight she was ready to fight pregnant and all. But I can't let them fight because she was pregnant so I had to put her inside ms.pam room than come back out in hold him back  from hitting her so ms.pam had to close her door so they can't get next to each other.   After all that the room looked the same because nobody had a fight . They was both really mad, Aaron calmed down just a little into until school safety came then he got rowdy all over again. That was the first time I saw annie cry. It fake hurt me when she was crying only because I never saw her cry. After a little annie was back popping s***t... lol aaron was poppin s*** to. They couldn’t calm him down. After a little he went home. Annie had to go home to only because they had to make sure the baby was ok.Annie had to be home for the rest of the year good thing it was the end of the year.

Summer time was here … Every summer I go to Atlanta Georgia I was mad I was leaving my friend alone behind. It was three days before I was about to leave I had to go to the dentist to get all my wisdom teeth pulled out. The next day I was in a little pain. Annie in my other friend shadea wanna to go to the beach but my wound was fresh so the dentist said don’t let air get inside my mouth. She was mad at me because I went the next day without her.

Summer was here I was ready to go to Atlanta to my father’s house. He flew to N.Y. to get me. I was thinking inside my head i'm going to miss my friend.. Some time annie will call me, we be talking about my friends out there and my cousin I be outside sometimes going to the pool in things.. I will ask here about the baby. One day I called annie she was on here way to summer school she been going there for a little she been doing good. But after a couple of hours I got a text on my phone saying ‘’Annie had a fight with her babyfather’.I was thing inside my head wym she had a fight she big and pregnant!!! So I jump up so fast in called her in see what happened but she did not answer the first time. So I called her again she answer this time i said Annie what happened why tf u fighting!!! Annie going to say ‘’Aaron came to her class in took her phone in ran into the boys bathroom ‘’ so she ran after him he was going to to her phone in he saw that she was talking to somebody that he got beef with so he was mad. All i could do was laugh  because at that point it was funny. She had to go home, in kick out of summer school only because they wanna to make sure the baby was ok.. Annie was not mad because he took her phone in we dont touch anastasia phone if yall not in a relationship..

It's a new school year, my old best friend thats was inside cobble hill got kick out. But annie was back i was happy to see her she was still pregnant. She had 2 months to have her baby.  I was walking to ms.pam room i ran into Annie she told me she was having braxton hicks.  I was happy i was think she was about to have a baby. But the school said she can't come back  into she have a baby. After a like 4c weeks i was going home from school i looked on my phone i saw annie holding her baby.. I was more than happy for her nfs!! I had to call her right when i saw her holding the baby.

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