The Time I Knew I Messed Up

May 4, 2018
By Anonymous

My mom and I had a talk. It was really a long talk. I had to tell her about everything like, how many times I went there, what we did, where he lives (not his address the area he lives in), his name, what's school he goes to, why I did what I did and why with him. She told me she was really disappointed in me and that she thought I would be better than that. I felt hurt by that statement because she basically said I'm a disappointment to the family.she tries to throw my sister's success but in my own person I told her “ i'm going to follow my path, not my sisters because maybe I wanna be different maybe I am different.” “ I just want you to do good and do better for yourself and not other people “ that's what she told me then she stopped talking about it. Till this day I am still fighting to get her trust back. I believe she is starting to trust me again because I am keeping my word to her.

The author's comments:

this is only a piece of my memoir not the whole thing

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