May 2, 2018
By JakeGriggs SILVER, West Melbourne, Florida
JakeGriggs SILVER, West Melbourne, Florida
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It was a cool summer night when I had been sleeping. I had been a peaceful and fulfilling night of sleep so far. I had been dreaming about scoring a goal at the Stratford End. The Stretford end is the supporters section inside of the great stadium that is Old Trafford. Old Trafford is the stadium of my favorite football team or soccer .How you want to say it depends on who you are. Anyhow Old Trafford is a great stadium. It opened in nineteen ten and has endured the bombings of the Second World War. Although I do believe this stadium and discussion of this stadium is quite fascinating I am getting quite a bit off track and I do need to get on track so where was I? Oh yes I was sleeping in my bed dreaming about Stretford end. I was sound asleep in my wooden bunk bed just above my little brother Cillian. Cillian and I shared a room at the time. This was around four years ago so I guess you can imagine that our living conditions have changed quite drastically since I am now fourteen years of age and he is eleven years of age at the time of this writing. This event that happened four years ago quite possibly changed my life. But I was dreaming when I was awoken quite abruptly by the noise of my dear mother and father having an argument shall I say. I was quite intrigued at the time because in all eleven years of my relatively short life so far my parents had never had an argument to the magnitude and volume of this one.  As I was in an emotional state somewhere in between the state of curious, intrigued, and worried I climbed down from my bed and I quietly opened my door and exited my room into the hallway. My precious little brother is an extraordinarily deep sleeper so through all this he had not even lifted an eyelid through all this commotion. I had just exited my room walking past my small bathroom through the hallway into the main room to find my mother screaming at my father. My father was on the ground crying saying how sorry he was and quite frankly was bawling like a newborn infant. This came as really a shock to me as I had never seen my father cry before. When I thought of my father back then I think of him as strong, powerful, and quite honestly angry. So to see my Father crying like this something was seriously wrong. A this point my parents had finally noticed me and I was just stood frozen in place as if I had just seen Medusa herself. There were so many thoughts going through my mind that I didn’t know what to say to be perfectly honest. My mother finally said go back to bed, but in my mind I had been tired of my lack of maturity by my lack of understanding and especially being treated like a little kid. So I burst out I said No I said I must understand I so I needed it explained to me. So she did. My parents were fighting because apparently my father had seen another women even though he was a married man.  That was it I had broken down, I just fell apart. Eventually I had to pull it together because my father’s crying, my mother’s crying, my brothers asleep so it really occurred to me that someone had to be mature so I just knew it had to be me. So I had quite a lack of sleep so I stated that I would think about it in bed and to discuss this in the morning.    So I went back to sleep and I slept for a good seven or eight hours probably. It was around ten o’clock when I woke up and it was explained to me all of it. It was hard it really was. But I realized something during that conversation. I realized that one mistake is all it takes for anyone to be vulnerable. Here I saw the strongest, toughest, angriest person I knew breaking down in front of my eyes. He was just utterly broken it seemed. As for my mother her eyes were full of rage through this entire encounter. She had the look of someone that is unforgiving, angry, resent, and most of all disappointment. That was quite a shock to me as I have never took my mother to have anything near these characteristics. This conversation really revealed one key factor to my father’s actions. It was the old poison that has been the unbecoming of tremendous numbers of people throughout history.  Although this was the case in my mind I was screaming at my father. I was yelling at him asking how he could be so greedy, how he was so selfish, and why did he do it. But then I had a breakthrough in my mind, I had realized something. I realized that he is human and no one is perfect so everybody makes mistakes. Everybody will fall down but it is not how you fall but how you allow that fall to affect you and how you get up and you carry on with life. If you allow that fall to define in a worse way then you will keep making that fall and never learn anything more. So when someone makes a mistake you need to forgive them because without forgiveness nothing ever improves, nothing ever grows and nothing ever gets learned. I guess what I’m saying is that my mother has forgiven my father since then and they are happier than ever before. You just have to carry on.

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