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Learin To Be On My Own

May 4, 2018
By JoelN BRONZE, Brookyln, New York
JoelN BRONZE, Brookyln, New York
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Oh, my first job it was quite weird, rewarding and life draining.I was 15 at the time and finding a job wasn't the easiest thing, but luck was on my side.The reason to why  I wanted a job was because I wanted to buy things off of my own and feel very proud of it. My Mom always told me to do something besides play video games all summer and hang out with my frLiends, so I decided to work and my mom was very excited.I was a bit curious about how to find a job and as a curious teen, I went on the internet to search for a job. Upon my search I found summer youth which was a long process, to go through to work. First I had to apply to their online website and wait a week or two, to be selected from their job lottery.I was lucky, so when I was selected they sent me an email confirmation to go to their official site to see if I had the proper documents to work and to see where I would like to work.


The thing is I had to get working papers and that process took two days and the summer youth meeting was in two days.For some reason, luck was stuck to me like my four-year-old brother and I was able to get my working papers a day early, I felt ready and prepared for the meeting. My mom was very proud of me as she came with all the documents needed in hand. As we entered the building I felt sweat drop down my spine.

The room was closing in on me, I was imagining that I would somehow mess up my interview.The room felt dark as I walked in I was feeling judged (maybe because of my height) I was blowing up inside. I soon asked my mom for some water and I started to cool down. The room was purple and the lights were dimly lit. There was one chair, one table and one lady in that room.

I sat down in the chair and Ms.Rosey(The lady interviewing me) asked: “what's your name, young man”? I responded “Daded Joel N” as I gave her My school ID. Ms.Rosey  Bursted out into laughter and I was completely astonished. She then jokingly asked, “what's your name”? I said “Daded” not even finishing my name she laughed again. Ms.Rosey slowly got serious and asked, “Why would your mom name you that”? I was slowly melting inside for I have had friends laugh at me for my name the first time they heard it, but never an adult. Especially in this place and time. I didn't leave the room crying or anything I just acted like her laughter didn't phase me, but It did sadly. I then answered her question and responded with “my mom named me that, she was trying to make my name Daded , but wanted it to be unique and Daded became a thing”. I was wondering if I was the only Daded in the world at the time . We moved on in the interview and she asked me simple questions like “ why do you want a job”? and  “what would I like to learn about through this experience”? I told her  “I want to make money and buy my own stuff and feel proud of it ”. I then explained to Ms.Rosy that “ I want to know how it feels to rely on myself to do things, so I have some practice on it in the future”.  Ms.Rosey then replied thank you for coming  Daded I will surely remember you and I hope to see you at orientation.

As I left the room I felt like it was the first time my name did something for me even though she laughed at it. I felt like she would remember me for a long time. A month passed and it was time for orientation.  I went to It in some dress code for work. I wore a white T-shirt with black jeans and black shoes. When I was in the orientation room Ms.Roesy saw me and boldly said “hello Daded, come take a seat here I will set you up at your worksite”. I replied “sure”. Ms.Rosey asked for where I live, I told her and she soonly pursued to find the closest worksite to my location which was near downtown. I was just imagining that during a  work break I was gonna go shopping and do other things because I was so close there. Ms.Rosey then told me simple rooms to follow in the workplace. She told me to not be too loud, if I'm listening to music make sure I have my headphones on and that I'm not bothering others and lastly to make sure that I always log in when I come to work and log out when I leave. This is proof to that I was at work And if there are any payment problems I can use the logs to show I worked. Ms.Rosey told me I would get paid every two weeks on Friday, the amount  I would be paid is 400 subtracted from taxes which might be 50-20 dollars she told me.I said “that sounds good” , but in my mind, I hoped that I would be paid weekly. School was over in a week and I would start working in two weeks so I was really hype.

Two weeks passed by and I finished the 10th grade and summer was looking good. My first day of work was on a Monday and it was Friday and I just couldn't wait.. Saturday and Sunday I was playing on my Xbox telling my friends how I got a job which means I could buy all the good games and cool things in them. Then came Monday and I woke up super early. Work was at 8:00 am and I woke up at 6: oo am. I didn't live too far for the workplace I think that It was all the excitement that woke me up super early.  I was getting dress and I wore a white shirt black pants and black shoes. It was really hot that day maby like 1000 degrees. I then Left that house and went to take the #38 buss their which was like four stops. I made it their and I walked in and told the lady at the front desk (Ms.Green) that I was Here for summer youth She said what's your name young man I told her and she explained to me how much her sister told her about me. I then asked, “who's your sister” “Ms.Rosey” she joyfully told me. I said, “of course”. She then opened the door for me and showed me to the workroom where I would shred and file paper. To be honest I was getting paid a lot for my first job and it was minor. I can't believe that the work wasn't something crazy (I was thinking). As I started to shred paper I couldn't believe that y first name allowed me to get this job. It allowed me to stand out and be remembered. I soon learned to like my first name and to not be as ashamed of it as I was before this experience.

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