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A Moment in Time

April 16, 2018
By thot-toddler SILVER, Easley, South Carolina
thot-toddler SILVER, Easley, South Carolina
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1st injuries are always the best, taking in the time to enjoy that painful sting of something that will soon fade away into your skin and time. You sit there and in that small time frame of being hurt you take your tears and you cry it out, your hurt, but it will all be ok, this pain is nothing compared to what you will feel in due time, so enjoy this small little obstacle, it will be a fun one.  My first painful experience was me skateboarding down my best friends hill and wiping out at the bottom, my best friend and her sister all playing like children and getting on the board two at a time and riding down, standing our feet intertwined in a stance and hugging tightly afraid we were going to wipe out and hugging also out of fear.  As we face those fears and ride down the hill chest to chest, cheek to cheek, toe to toe, and hand in hand, we dont fear for a couple of moments we just sit there in predetermined fate as we realise we will either wipe out or we will stay victorious and make a clean ride. Of course our fate was always kinda bad, so we think we will wipe out, and then do. And when we wipe out it hurts, it feels like being a child again running when our parents told us not to and falling on the pavement whilst bleeding and crying. And my friend picks herself up being the strong heroin of the story and dusts herself off and shows a smile, but quickly turns down to me and see me, still sitting there like that hurt little child, asking me if im ok. I sit there and i stare down at the ground where i see my skin and blood is lying in perfect harmony. I sit there for a couple moments and i stare, stare down and realise that i am like a caterpillar shedding my old skin and becoming anew. I quickly hear my friend calling my name in worry, i look up and through my tears i shine a bright smile upwards, and reassure that i am fine and dandy. We pack up our things and go home and my “mother” asks what happened to us and my friends sister laughs at us being hurt when she sees our faces and sees how to hurt has set in now that our adrenaline is gone. My best friend and i sit on the sink and fix and tend to each others wounds, we take silly pictures and keep them in a book under the bes to get out for another day.

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