A Day in the Woods

March 30, 2018
By Anonymous

It’s 5:30. Just minutes ago, I was sleeping 12,500 ft. about sea level with 20 mph winds rushing by me. I sit up and look over at my tent mate, who is still passed out from the 12 miles hike we completed yesterday. As I put on my boots to begin breaking down camp, I realize that all our food for our trip is up in a tree with no way of coming down. So, like any rational people, we begin try to tie a knife to hiking poles to try and reach our bag of food. This ends up being completely useless and a complete waste of time. Everyone is basically useless except for me, I end up being the only one who can do anything with anything and I end up being the most amazing person in the entire camp. So as the silly children attempt to formulate a plan to try and get the bear bag, Tyler says “guys, why don’t I just climb up there and cut it down”. This immediately astonishes everyone and applaud Tyler for his problem-solving skills and his bravery. Tyler thinks to himself “hmm, how can I impress them even more”. As Tyler is coming to a consensus on what to do, the other, less apt people, try and make sure that Tyler tries to stay safe during his incredible feat. As Tyler gets lifted, he proceeds to climb the rope with only his hands, and an open knife in his mouth. Tyler quickly scales the tree and reaches the bear bag and quickly begins cutting down the bag and saving everyone from hunger. Unsurprisingly, everyone is in absolute shock, they cannot believe that such an amazing event is taking place right before their eyes. As I hold onto the rope with one hand, I dangle from the rope with the other, protecting myself from falling. I cut the rope and free the food with one hand, and with my other I support my entire weight. All the other children beneath me were in absolute admiration and reverence in the duty I had just served them on this chilly summers morning.

The author's comments:

My trip to Philmont inspired this work.

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