3 Feet Below

March 16, 2018
By Anonymous

It was a hot summer afternoon and my friends and family were out caming. We were somewhere in Wisconsin although i don't remember the town. When we woke up in the noon we were drowning in our own sweat. So we decided to go to the pool to cool of and mess around.

As we were changing my bestfriend called more me “BRENNEN!”  he yelled “What” I yelled back. “We need to bring towels so we aren't cold” he said I said back “we are fine we’ll dry off.”

We started walking to the pool which was about a 5 minute walk. As we were walking we felt the burning gravel on our bare feet. When we got to the pool we looked at our feet they were redder than red apple. We walked to the pool on our tippy toes to avoid the hot ground and to make sure we didn't burn your feet off. We sat down on the lawn chairs and laid out our towels.

I jumped in the pool, i did a cannonball. And as i yelled at my friend to jump in he dove in face first. ……..I froze knowing what was about to happen i knew the pool was only 3 feel deep i knew that my friend was about to have a broken nose. I swam over to him to see blood filling in the water as if it was kool aid mix in a bottled water. I started to panic in my head and my adrenaline started rushing. I grabbed him and pulled him out of the water.

Someone looked at me now that we needed help to they ran to near store which was only a few feet away. I pulled him out of the water and said ”Ashton are you alright” He looked at me and closed his eyes another person followed the other person with a medkit  they came over and soaked the blood from his nose with a cloth.

As we were sitting there all covered in blood we heard a siren in the background hoping an ambulance was close and it was he pared up the stairs near the store we carried my friend up the stairs to the ambulance and the paramedics put him on a cart and rolled him in the ambulance i told him “We will be at the hospital soon just hang in there.”

After  the ambulance left i ran back to our campsite to tell my parents what happened and after i told them we hopped in the car and told me to get in. As we try and rush to the hospital following the ambulance. We get there like like 10 minutes later we rush in asking the person at the front door where the kid that just came in is and she showed us the way. After running up 3 flights of stairs we finally found him awake and still as a house with his eyes open. My parents started talking to the doctor and i ran to my friend. I started talking to him and he quietly said something stupid to me he said “I rather have sweat to death.”

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