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March 1, 2018
By Anonymous

“Hello?” I called into the mic. A voice answers back to me. Cheerful and beaming with joy.
“HELLO!” it called back to me. Very clearly announcing that he was here. I was talking to someone discord, someone very interesting. His name was Tony, a fine British gentleman, and youtube. Small like I was. I was watching one of his videos before I asked him in his comments section if he’d like to do a collab on something.
“Alright good, you’re here! So uh, Hi I guess.”, I greeted cheerfully but it was followed by a nervous laugh. This is how I met Raszius, also known as Tony, or as he goes back Raszius. A very funny and interesting man that changed my life forever. You see I was doing the whole youtube thing as a sort of hobby and enjoyed it. But there was only so much I could do on my own. So I searched for other small YouTubers like me to find maybe a partner in crime. Someone I could rely on for a good laugh or two and advice as well as some ideas to try when I make my videos. That’s when I found Raszius. I was actually introduced to him by another friend who I sadly don’t talk to anymore.

Anyways we started talking and introducing ourselves. We saw more of each other’s channels and began devising a plan for what our first video should be. We decided on a mass collab on prophunt. A garry’s mod game mode where we got to play as hunters and props trying to blend in with the world as to not get caught.

“Uh oh here comes the payday man!”, Miranda called out. She was another person I had met before about the same time I had met tony.
“Payyydayyy”, everyone started to chant it now. Even me who was just a lone little barrel on top of the catwalk. That was until I was found and I started to scream in terror. Falling off the edge and sadly losing the match.
“I WAS ALMOST GONNA WIN YOU BASTARD!” I screamed but followed up with a laugh. Everyone was laughing hysterically. But I knew the next round I would win. Come next round though I was on the hunters team. Trying to find the pesky little props. One by one we found them...But Tony was nowhere to be found. The only clue we got from him was that-
“As long as I don’t move I’m fine.”, We spent the whole round just wandering in circles trying to find him. It was terrible how we couldn’t find him, but to our defense when we watched his footage over again, he was a box on top of two others so it looked really good.
“Alright! I’m set!”, This time I was gonna get the jukes on them. I was a perfectly placed water dispenser in front of another one. Now logic would dictate that you wouldn’t need two water dispensers in the same hallway next to each other. But some people are too stupid to realise. I was snickering the whole time people kept passing by me. Not noticing me jumping just as they turned away and looked back.

It was beautiful. As the round went on I was kind of getting bored, SO I devised a plan. I would sneak around behind someone and find a a new prop. And it worked gloriously. I was able to follow someone without them noticing and I found myself as a small box beneath some stairs. Yet as soon as I thought I was safe…

“Uhhh, hey Freak,” That was my user name, “You mind taking a step out from under the stairs?”, Asked moose in his sarcastic tone as per usual.
“What? I’m not under any stairs you’re crazy.”, I tried to talk him out of what I thought was a delusion.
“Oh really? Well that would be because….”, I couldn’t think of a good excuse and it only got worse when tony chimed in to see what was under the stairs.
“Uhhhh...LET’S A GO!”, I zoomed out from under. Dodging and weaving bullets that were headed my way.

Everyone was screaming and cheering when I was able to outrun and pass through them all. The people already dead and spectating me were in disbelief at how I was able to avoid getting shot. I was going under another set of stairs outside. Closing doors on them. That’s when I thought about hiding in the bushes and trying to see if I could lose them.

Sadly though I wasn’t able to dodge forever. Moose got me with a shotgun and the game was over.

“AH!”, the sudden realization startled me. But with that out of the way the recording session was over and we felt compelled with the amount of footage taken of the game. We all said our goodbyes and farewells before leaving the discord call until it was just me and Raszius.
“Well hey, that was fun!”, I spoke up, psyched about the whole experience.
“Yeah! What time would you be available for another recording session?”
“ Probably tomorrow after four.”
“Alright perfect! I’ll see ya then!”, and with that, we both left the call.

The author's comments:

It was just a nice experience that changed me for the most part regarding how I'm able to interact with more people now. Just gotta take that first step in talking to someone, even if it's over something like discord.

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