Evolving Our Conciousness

February 28, 2018
By edenreahfrancees BRONZE, Madison, Wisconsin
edenreahfrancees BRONZE, Madison, Wisconsin
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A few seconds before typing this I erased my entire draft, sometimes that’s what needs to be done. Humans are created to connect, learn, and love. We are easily influenced, and easily amused… The very qualities that make us human also make people millions, create global empires, and kill millions. We possess the deepest and most divine power, our conscious awareness of the soul and our power to manifest any reality we choose through action and dedication.


I’ve noticed that kids my age are growing more aware of the lies being told to them… It’s getting difficult with photoshop, social media, and the emotional pull fame and money have over the youth (and adults). So many people are caught up making their lives look good- not actually putting effort in to change the things they want. Although the down sides are apparent in submitting children to television and the internet as soon as they can see or read, nobody is taking these things away. Nor would it make sense to do so. We must adapt and teach our kids by example, using the internet to create connections, start businesses, and bring awareness to other communities who need it. Fundraising websites raise millions everyday, and there are people waiting to invest in something everywhere. Entrepreneurship has never been easier, you can create your own website and legally start abusiness in under a month. Does that gaurentee you success? No. Nothing does, but that risk will reward you if you dedicate yourself properly. Working a normal job then tending to your business at home may seem like a lot, but after ten years of doing so you may have a million dollar empire. If not, you are still financially stable. And if all fails, at least you tried to follow your dream. But I see it as even if it takes 20 years of hard work, you will meet your goal.

We all understand there is a severe lack of well paying jobs and poor or unattainable education to prepare us for the more advanced jobs. Poverty creates addiction, leading to broken homes, violent and disobedient children, how can we stop the cycle? There’s no sure way, just like nobody can guarantee you success. But pure will power could change the world, and all we have to do is believe and work towards a goal. Every single person on this earth. You may mock that I say it is that simple, but I’ve proven it to myself. I have defied every attempt by outside forces to take power of my will, through even the darkest and hardest of times I stood strong and carried forward. Now, my life is golden.

We do not teach kids to focus, we tell them to pay attention. Many times the problems we see come from how our children are raised. American children are put through school at a very young age and many don’t get much parenting from their parents. It’s starting to be obvious. Drugs and alcohol abuse is infiltrating younger and younger crowds. Some families are much too protective, keeping their child away from many real life situations that leave them ignorant by no fault of their own. We cannot blame children for how they act as many have yet to find their true thoughts and feelings. Seperate from family, friends and media have a strong influence as well. This is again not really their faults, but being fed virtual hormones and dopamine in flashy colors, music, and nudity can be overwhelming and even may lead you to not understand yourself even more than usual. Friends who are also overwhelmed by similar stimuli will bounce off you, influencing you to act a certain way that may not be your real desire.

My proposed solution is to raise the consciousness of ourselves so we can teach our children. Teaching that abusing the resources given to us is forbidden, and we must dedicate our lives to learning why we are here and how to fulfill that purpose. Because the internet is so vast we can access the minds of millions- through a collected group consciousness we can help one another collaborate.  This community is not limited, people who are independently trying to create company's, resources, products, music, video, and people who want to help those directing the projects are encouraged to be apart of it. We help ourselves which helps each other. Mostly I want to inspire every young adult or child I meet to find a purpose or a goal and to go towards it. Make a blog, go workout, paint a sunset, paint your dog, create paper mache models of your friends faces, make jewelry and sell it online, be a photographer, be a claymation artist, help save animals and travel helping endangered species, help people who have no homes in other countries… Build a house for someone.  The important part is putting the effort in, getting that step forward you may realize you want to go in a completely different direction but you needed to take that first step to know that.

If you do not wake up everyday with a goal, you are not doing it right.

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