The House on Spring Street

February 21, 2018
By izea.long BRONZE, Farmington, New Hampshire
izea.long BRONZE, Farmington, New Hampshire
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Most people go to there grandmother's house to meet up and see family. We go to our grandmothers house because she is our only grandmother. At my grandmother's house we hangout and eat lots of food, we play basketball and football all day. My grandmother's backyard is pretty big it has a lot of nice green grass that you would just want to lay in and watch the clouds go by. In the summertime the birds are always around you can hear them sing all the time.

My grandmother's backyard is important to me because I have been playing football on it for about 5 years. My grandmother’s backyard is where I learned how to play football with my uncle. I was 10 when my brother and I started playing football. One day my uncle was over, he’s the one who taught us how to play football. It was in the summertime and he was the quarterback, and my brother and I were against each other. When we became better at the game he taught us football plays, and then he would call a number and we would run that play. My uncle lived behind my grandmother, so when we went over in the summer we played.

One day my brother and I wanted to play basketball, the sun was bright and the sky was a bright blue. He always thought he could easily win but I had the height advantage. The game was played til someone got to 21. He had 20 and I had 18 it was his ball, he tried to drive on me but I blocked it and got the ball back. Once I got it back I took a three and drained it in his face. He got so mad and wanted to play again but I said no bc I didn't want to take the chance of losing to him.


This year we moved into my papa's house, he was selling it and we were his first option. Now that we haved moved into the house we can use the backyard anytime we want. I haven’t made any new memories yet because it’s the winter and I can’t do anything that I like in the snow, like playing basketball or playing football in the nice green grass. I can’t wait to be able to make new memories

These places help with a lot. They help me get away from all the bullshit that's around me. They help with stress and help me get away and have fun. These places make life easier for me. What I have learned is that spending time with your family is very important. Playing football in this yard has helped  me a lot. I now know how to play football and it one of my favorite games to play. Everytime I play this game I will always remember all the times i played with my uncle.

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It is about my gram's backyard

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