Friends of Change

February 21, 2018
By JuiceyBoi BRONZE, Farmington, New Hampshire
JuiceyBoi BRONZE, Farmington, New Hampshire
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There is always that time that everyone experiences with their friends that they will remember for years to come, if that be for good reasons or for reasons to be untold. Times like these can help most people overcome most problems they are having internally. Now picture me. I was a sad boy, a lonely figure in a place where I didn’t feel like I belonged. I felt like an outsider of my own life, watching as everything seemed to go wrong as I had no say or chance to change anything. I was in a biography being written about me in which the author continued to write statements of a life I never lived.

I was a boy who missed the old days of his life, where I was completely oblivious to insults and rumors, when I didn’t care if someone had something against me for no apparent reason. I missed the days where I was the happy kid everyone loved talking to because I would always be so positive. I was a boy who missed his past.

People don’t understand how the simplest of actions can affect someone greatly, if that be positively or negatively. A simple “hello”, or a “how are you?”, can make someone feel so much better, so much more wanted. People who take the time to do this instead of ignoring you are the true people you want in your life, not the “fakes” or the “popular” you want to be like for some odd reason.

The night of my 15th birthday party is a day I will never forget, for how much it truly helped me. Never have I felt more at home, more where I belong, more truly happy. That night with my true friends from day one will be one of the best for time to come. It’s funny to think of how much it affected me, and they don’t even know, it was just an average sleepover to them. To me it was a turning point, a new leaf turned in my life.

While at this point in my life, I never expected a night full of playing Wii baseball until 2 a.m. would make it better, even in the slightest, but it did. It wasn’t due mainly to all of the laughs or the fun we had. It was just the fact that they were there, they were like me, I could be me. I didn’t have to put on some fake mask for people to willingly engage in conversation with me. People always talk about “cliques” or groups in high school or school in general, this was my group.

I can’t say one-hundred percent that I am fully “ok”, but I sure am much better than I used to be. Now I know, if I ever need to feel better, just have good ol’ Connor come over and show everyone his now famous “dab pitch”, the strikeout causer, sorry Kyle, but you are never going to live that up. Never will there be a more embarassment moment in your life than that, getting struckout at the bat by some cringy nerd dabbing. Two things that I don’t want again to help me is a controller being flung across the room again, thanks Tyler, and please, no stuffed trucks getting thrown at me, Kyle. I could tell this story to so many people, and most would look at me like some deranged psychopath, like, “how did a game of Wii Baseball help your mental state?”. Say whatever you want, without that night, I’d be more of a depressed mess than any of you could ever imagine. So thank you guys.

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