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February 7, 2018
By Anonymous

When I was nine years old, my life changed forever. I lived in New Jersey until that age, and it was absolutely repugnant. The weather for eight months out of the year was dreadful, I didn’t have a lot of friends, and the schools were not the best. My parents knew this wasn’t the life meant for me. For a long time, my parents had talked about moving to Florida. The weather appealed to both of them. They always wanted to live there, and they wanted me to have a better life. They decided after I completed the third grade, we would move to Florida. I was so ecstatic.

We moved to Florida in the middle of July 2009. Since the school year calendar is different in Florida, I had a shorter summer compared to everyone else. I was excited to start a new school and hopefully create many new friendships. I was enrolled into an elementary school that was really wonderful. Being outside, all the time during recess, in warm weather, all year around, was just amazing. The school was great, but I had a more complicated teacher then I anticipated the first year.

All in all, everything began to work itself out, I made a lot of friends in elementary school whom I still talk to today. My teachers for the rest of elementary school were superb. My life here is way better than it would have been in New Jersey. I am excited to start my future and to be successful.

Until I was about a sophomore in high school, I didn’t really put the necessary effort into all of my classes. I never really planned for my future. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. Becoming eligible for dual enrollment changed my life in a very positive way. When the program was first introduced to me, I didn’t think I was up to the task. I was never a good test taker, and I didn’t think I was capable of passing. The first time, I didn’t attain the scores needed. I was going to give up, but my parents pushed me to try again. I tried again, and I still didn’t pass. I told them I didn’t want to do the program. I didn’t realize how important this program really is. I talked to my older brother. He explained to me that giving in was the wrong direction to take. If I took the time, and put motivation into it, I would pass all the required tests.

After all the motivational help from my family, I finally was able to pass the test. From that point on, I had a different perspective on school, and for my future. Being in this program, has helped me realize I want to major in Child Psychology. I took a Psychology course at Eastern Florida, and I had such a great experience learning about the subject.

Ever since being in the duel enrollment program, my grades have gone up immensely. I have been more serious about my grades because I want to succeed in my life. Today, I received a letter from Eastern Florida, stating I have made their Presidential List. I am extremely proud of myself. If I still lived in New Jersey, I wouldn’t have accomplished this much. I know my future is bright and I cannot wait to see what is has to offer.

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