First Winter

January 26, 2018
By Rhain BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
Rhain BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
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So there I was, out in the blistering unforgiving cold of dexter michigan during winter, and all I
could think to myself is how the f!*k did I get here.
*Record scratch*
*Freeze frame*
Yup thats me your probably wondering how I ended up in this situation.

Well it all started when I was 8 and my family had moved to the unforgiving land of Chicago for some unknown reason. We were living in a apartment in the south side with my aunt and her two kids. In my family there was 4 of us at the time and with a total of 7 people in the house it was not so pleasant as it was miserable. We moved to Chicago from the USVI, which is a tropical island. We moved to chicago at the end of their winter so it wasnt snowy as it was cold and windy. But soon summer came and warmed the land but by then we had moved out of the apartment and into a nice small house and into neighborhood while outside of the city to get away from the smell and the constant violane that Chicago is well known for. Well in the neighborhood we experienced one of their warmest winters and the closest to snow was a few small flurries but nothing significant enough to remember. But once again as we did so often back then it was time for us to move again. My mother was pregnant with my little sister so we moved here to the unknown void that is also known as  Dexter Michigan. We choose michigan because my father grew up in Michigan up in Clarkston so he knew the area.

This whole experience started one cold december day when we were all in the house keeping as warm as possible.

I was 9 years old and on that day my dad went up to me and my sister and said
“Hay It's snowing, let's go outside and play in the snow.”

So my and my sister as ignorant of the cold as we were threw on all of our snow gear and stepped outside into the great white wilderness and would come to later come to greatly regret the decision. As we stepped out from the warm comfort of our home into the snow we were at first in awe of who beautiful and smooth the snow was. It looked as if the land hand went to sleep and had a giant fluffy blanket laid over it. As we plaid in the snow we were quickly becoming aware of how cold it was. In order to understand this we will have to step back a few years to before we moved.

Before this winter we were living on an island that was constantly hot and humid. Winter for us we're 70° not negative degrees like it gets to in Michigan. If the weather ever got to cold in the islands then you would just go to the beach and hop into the ocean which was constantly around 80°.

So as me and my sister were playing in the snow not caring if we were getting wet from the snow or not, my sister said to me

   “hay is it just me or is it getting really cold.”
So I said back to her.,
“You are right it is getting really cold”

At that moment as strong gust of wind blew in bring a  even colder chill to the air. The wind sounded like monsters yell. The cold felt like hitting a brick wall. So I quickly yelled to my Sister over the wind,
  “quick , let's get inside before we both freeze”.

So we both took off as fast as we could towards the house, we where maybe a 1 minutes walk back to the door but it felt like a mile with how cold I was. As we finally reached the door we threw it open and stubbled inside shivering.  After we had gotten all of our cold snow gear off and were sitting by the heater warming up my dad came up to us and said,
  ”So now that you are all warm are you ready to back outside and build a snowman”.
  Both me and my sister gave him look like he was crazy. So I said,
    “Why would we go back outside after just getting warm.”
As we were complaining my mother came down stairs and said,
You need to experience winter since we will be living in michigan for awhile.”

So on our mothers orders we went back outside in the blistering cold to build a  snowman and try to survive the cold. As we were out there starting to enjoy the snow it started snowing again. To me that just didn't seem fair as we already had snow and cold,and i didnt want anymore. Because it was getting colder my mother yelled outside that we could come in. as I walked through the door into the warm house it felt a warm hug or when Nicolas cage stepped off the plane in Con-Air and the wind blew through his hair. The air smelled of hot chocolate and happiness. As I sat inside and warmed up all I could think was, what idiot decided michigan was a good place to live with this kind of weather.

The author's comments:

This is all true even the part about the aliens.

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