The Worst Mistake

January 24, 2018
By kringlein10 BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
kringlein10 BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
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Not going to my grandparents house on the night of my fathers wedding. The next few days a terrible thing happened to my family. Not going to my grandparents house will have been the worst thing that I have done. 

Chapter 1: The worst mistake

October 11th, my dad’s wedding day. He got married to a woman named Melissa. It was a beautiful day for a wedding. All of my family was there; aunts and uncles, grandparents, and another whole family that I have yet to know yet. I sat with my grandparents, Gail and Glenn, as the wedding went on. It was a fun day fun of smiles and laughs.
As the night came to an end, my grandparents were ready to take me back to their house in Clio for the night. I went over to my brother and asked, “Are you coming to grandma and grandpa’s house tonight?”. He replied saying, “No I think I am just going to go to a friends house tonight”. I immediately burst into tears and ran to find my dad. I was thinking, ‘I won’t spend the night anywhere without my brother or I am going to my moms’. When I found my dad he started arguing with me. He kept on saying,“Katherine it is your grandparents house, why do you need your brother to come? You will be fine with them. You’ve spent the night alone there multiple times!”. I continued to cry until my dad finally gave in and helped me find somewhere else for the night. I called my mom off of my dad’s phone and asked if I could go to her house for the night. She was very confused on why I didn’t want to spend the night and not very happy about it. Reluctantly, she said yes. Later that night my grandparents dropped me off at my mom’s house for the night.
The next morning there was a family brunch at Weber’s. Upon arrival, I went and sat with my family. We sat at a long table that was in the restaurant, but sat above the pool. I was worried that my grandparents wouldn’t make it because they weren’t at the lunch yet, and they were now late. About 10 minutes later they arrived. I waited for my grandma to go get food. I put mini waffles and sausage on my plate and walked back to our table. My whole family ate together and talked for around 2 hours. When it came time to leave, my mom came and picked me up. I hugged my grandma and grandpa and got in my moms car.
Two days later… I was in my room doing homework. I decided I was hungry, so I stepped outside of my room to go down the stairs. Immediately, I hear a faint sound of a cry. I looked over to railing to see my mom talking on the phone with someone. I decided to stay where I was and eavesdrop on her conversation before going downstairs. When she started talking, I heard her talk about getting a substitute for the next day and how she would get there as soon as she could. I ran down the stairs as fast I could to see why she wasn’t going to work. I had to wait a minute before she got off the phone to hear what happened. When she told me why she was going to the hospital, my heart dropped. My grandma had a stroke. I begged my mom to let me go with her, I had to see her. My mom insisted that I stay home, as grandpa didn’t want me to see her in this state. I sat in my state of denial, crying, for hours. My best friend, grandmother, and motivator was in pain and I was unable to see her. I kept on telling my mother how it couldn’t be true; how I saw her the day before. She died three days later, two days before my birthday.
Now in 2017, my grandmother’s passing taught me lessons; never take any moment with your loved ones for granted, never refuse to spend time with your loved ones, and always tell your loved ones you love them. You never know the next time you will see them, or even if you will see them at all ever again. Not going to my grandma’s house after my father’s wedding was the worst mistake i’ve ever made. She was the person who knew me best, the person who always had my back. Now she will always be looking over me, making sure I never make that mistake again.

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