My First Airplane

January 24, 2018
By wilcoxalexis BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
wilcoxalexis BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
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I still remember the way I felt when our plane took off into the sky. It was my first time on an airplane, and I was very anxious. The first couple minutes I felt fine, but after the first hour or so I started to get hungry. I said to my dad that we were famished, and he said to get a snack. We all decided to get Mnm’s. When the stewardess came by with a cart full of snacks, we politely asked for a bag of Mnm’s. After paying her for the Mnm’s I attempted to get it open, but my fingers were slippery so I asked my older sister Madilyn to help me. When she got it open, when she finally managed to rip the bag open opened the bag so hard, all the Mnm’s went sprawling all over the floor and aisle. Suddenly this lively voice chimed “Do you kids need a cup? It looks like your Mnm’s bag was demolished.” We replied with “Yes please, Thank you!” When she handed us the cup, I looked at my sister. Her face was as red as a cherry. After we remained motionless for about 5 minutes we heard the same buoyant voice as before. “How would you kids like to go and meet the pilot and co-pilot?”

We all said yes, and we followed her to the cockpit. She knocked on the door as a sign that she wanted to come in. A deep voice replied with “Who is it?” She replied with a simple “It’s Becky one of the stewardesses with 3 anxious kids waiting to meet you!” The door creaked open, what was inside was enough to look like the inside of a video game designer’s office. In other words, it was full of buttons and mechanical things. Anthony the pilot smiled at us as we all gathered around the cockpit. He told us things that we would’ve never known. Things like how the Tim the copilot helps him in case of an emergency. (Keep in mind, I was only 6) After quizzing us on what we learned, he gave us this sticker that was the symbol for pilot wings. We felt so special because we were the only ones that got to see the inside of a cockpit. It was one of those once in a lifetime experiences.

  After we got to meet the pilot and copilot, we began to resume eating the Mnm’s. When the Mnm’s were gone, we had already been in the air for about 3 hours. We still had about 2.5 hours left to get to our location. I remember slowly falling asleep, and having the best dream ever. I was in the clouds wrestling with my older siblings. It was one of those capricious dream’s that stayed in your mind forever.

When I awoke, we still had another 15 minutes to go. It felt like this was a never ending ride. I slowly got up and went to use the restroom. When I returned, my parents told us we were just about to land. My first airplane ride was fun, but very long. I would love to do it again, but next time I will open the Mnm’s.

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?It was my first airplane ride and it was one of the best memories that I ever had.

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