Baby Chanel's Arrival

January 19, 2018
By deimuniqueb BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
deimuniqueb BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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I went into labor on a Saturday morning but the contractions were too far apart so I couldn’t go to the hospital just yet. Every ten to fifteen minutes I felt my stomach tighten up with sharp cramps. I was complaining so much, it was starting to irritate my mother. She yelled, ‘’call the doctor! I don’t know what to do, and I don’t want to go to the hospital just for them to send us back home. I feel bad but you got this it’s going to be okay.’’ She was so supportive during this whole thing!


I called but my doctor, Dr. Badway, he told me to stay home unless my contractions get three to five minutes apart or if my water breaks. I went that whole day and night without them getting any closer together! I was becoming so impatient. My stomach was so big! My ankles were fat and puffy. I was so over being pregnant.
Sunday morning snuck up right on me but still no baby! I woke up in the same amount of pain, it didn’t get any worse. My hospital bag and the baby’s diaper bag was already packed and ready to go; the car seat was even in the car buckled up. My mom and I were so prepared.

Finally my contractions became closer together! My Ant took me to the hospital. We thought I was going to get sent home though because they said, ‘’ You are having contractions, but you’re just not in active labor yet. The nurse gave me medicine to help the pain. It did not help at all so I got to stay. I started to get so nervous. My legs began to shake and sweat was building up on my forehead. The contractions got so painful that night. I was grabbing on the bed screaming. I couldn’t keep it together. My mom said encouragingly,’’ you’re doing good I’m so proud of you but if you feel like you absolutely can’t do it anymore ask for the epidural!’’ My nurse said it was pretty early to get it but I got it anyways. I couldn’t feel my legs anymore. I was still happy though because I wasn’t in any pain. I was even able to rest a little until I felt this urgent feeling of having to poop. I screams my moms name and said,’’ please come over to check to see if I pooped.’’ She said,’’ no crazy there’s nothing there, but push the button to call the nurse in.’’ It felt like she took ages to come when I called for her. I honestly that the baby was going to drop out of me.

It was time to push! As the doctors and nurses were preparing the room for delivery I said to my mom at least five times,’’ they need to hurry up I feel her head coming out!’’ She said anxiously,’’ DO NOT PUSH!’’ Five minutes later they were done preparing everything. I started pushing. I thought this was going to be so much easier but it was very difficult. My mom and Chanel’s dad held one of my hands and leg. Everyone was supportive in the room. The nurse beside the bed said,’’ push every time I feel a contraction.’’ I was pushing for twenty minutes and she came. Tears rolled down my tired face soon as I seen her. Her cry was so quiet and cute. When they put her own me I was kind of scared to hold her because she was so small, but when I did I knew my life had changed at that point.

Having kids was not in my agenda of life, especially this young. But as these days go by I have learned that my life wouldn’t be complete without her. She has changed my life for the better! I was going down the wrong path in life a little bit before I got pregnant. Now I’m about to finish high school and start collage classes. I didn’t plan on going to college or anything of that sort before she came, but I want to be a good role model for her.

The author's comments:

Giving birth was a very unforgettable and loving experience that I don't mind sharing with others. I was in a great deal of pain but I promise it was worth it. Chanel is a blessing to my whole family! Even though I had her at a young age that's not going to stop me from achieving my goals, she's only going to help me push to get the things I need to be done.

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