I Am A Wolf (Personal Metaphor)

January 18, 2018

A fearless, analytical family man. With the heart of a lion, the cunningness of a fox, but the compassion of a dog. I am a wolf.

Anything for the pack, we all work together, my brothers, my parents, and I. We all have the same nature, the thirst for success and a competitiveness unrivaled. We are wolves.

On the soccer field me and my teammates track the ball like it has an unforgettable scent, we are tempted to take the prize for ourselves, but we are patient. We are a pack of wolves.

We all have our times when we hunt and compete, but when the sun sets, it becomes play time and now I must deal with my younger brother. He is a wolf pup.

We are all a part of the pack, you mess with one, you mess with us all. Tread carefully, for our retaliation could be your downfall. We are wolves. This is our pack.

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