She Was Murdered

January 16, 2018
By arissarose BRONZE, Berkeley, California
arissarose BRONZE, Berkeley, California
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She was my favorite cousin, the one I loved very much. I loved her husband, too. The one i loved the most can’t be here because of someone's selfish actions. I know i keep saying loved well i say loved because she was murdered when i 5 years old. If you have lost someone in your life that you were close with then you should know how i feel or felt. I hope he knows the pain he caused me and my family but if i can see him one last i wouldn't hurt him, or try to kill him, I would ask him one simple thing and it will be Why did you have to kill her? I remember the day it happened like it was yesterday it was scary to hear but i did. But this story happened many years ago so i learned that i can't see her, hug her ,or talk to her but she will forever be in my heart . I do know if it was her choice she wouldnt have picked this but i do know even in heaven she still loves me and the she loves me and my family as  well her family too. There were so many people involved in this murder it's sad but the main thing that scares me the most is that this story i am telling you right now is true.

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