January 9, 2018
By Anonymous

Dreaming back to home. I don’t remember how many times I dreamed these scene, and they are repeating in my dream. This time I dreamed my aunt are criticize me because I don’t want to sing in front of people. What a weird dream, but I know it’s because I miss them.

My weekend
Wake up in the noon, oh it’s already 12 o’clock. Every weekend I wake up so late, and there is no one in the house. The meal is ready on the table, and they are so delicious. Back to my bed and watching TV drama, then take a nap. This is my day.

Packing up all my stuffs in the luggage and it’s seems like a little bit overweight. Because I am trying to bring all the stuffs at home with me. Food, clothes, appliances are all stuck in the luggage, it’s the home’s flavor. They can remind me where I came from.

Leave II
Walking in to the airport silently, and they are getting my luggages for me. They always do that, which is taking care of me so where so that I don’t even need to do any more things. Looking at their face, I just broken down and wept with tears of sadness.

December 13th, what a meaningful day for all of Chinese. The nanking Massacre 80th anniversary, and every one should remember that the mass murder and mass rape in Nanjing. Hope all people will always remember what our citizens suffered on that horrible day.

Walking into a huge field, I saw thousands of people there and holding the light tube to support the singers. Suddenly it became dark and they come out, the screaming sounds break the atmosphere. Fans began to sing along with them, I feel so proud of them.

I felt so hungry when I woke up, and no one was in home. What should I do, I don’t want to order food since it might take more than one and half hour. I thought that I should try to cook by myself, so I searched recipe online and try to find the easiest one.

Cooking II
I began to prepare food ingredient as it said online. Tomatoes two, Eggs two, salt, pepper and soy sauce. I first mix the eggs and fired in a pan, then put tomatoes in a pan fires with eggs. The last put salt and soy sauce mix with them. Finished my first cooking.

The first time I went to ski was last year when my dad came to visit us. We went to ski together and it’s the first time for all of us try this sport. Borrowed ski appliances and wen to the ski resort. After I walked into the ski resort, a funny wrestling happened.

Finally wait until the holiday that all my family have vacation. We have planned to travel for a long time and the destination was Thailand, which is a pretty country that surrounded with sea. It’s the first time I saw real sea. It was so blue and looks like infinite.

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