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My Basketball Career

January 8, 2018
By hartattack BRONZE, Berkeley, California
hartattack BRONZE, Berkeley, California
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Chapter 1:
My Basketball Beginning 8 yrs old

The way I started playing basketball is an interesting story. Here it goes. It all started out with me walking past the playground to go see one of my friends not caring about the basketball game going on next to me.

Then all of sudden a bad pass slammed me in the head! After losing my train of thought for second I then realized I had anger issues and attacked the players while screaming cuss words. One of them fell on the ground and started crying and another said they were telling the teacher. The next thing I knew I was in the beige, dull, front office waiting to be spoken to by the dictator of the school: MS. HODGE!                                   


After what seemed like hours of yelling, my final consequence was a call home and a missed lunchtime. As I was sitting in the office  I noticed that everything I wasn’t doing seemed so fun, there were kids playing kickball, tag, but I especially noticed basketball. The next day I went over to play and I was hooked! Fun fact: I have played basketball every day since that day!

Chapter 2:
My Basketball Career 9 yrs old

Well, I was feeling pretty good. Basketball was my life. My Mom’s brother in law passed away, and things went badly from there. I did badly in school, at home, and worst of all, on the court.

There I was, watching a Warriors game, when I had an idea.”Mom, I want to play on a basketball team,” I hollered. “Okay”.Just then, my attention went back to the Warriors game, and I heard the announcer, Bob Fitzgerald say “ Curry for the win…. GOOD!!!’’

The next day at school, a miracle happened. I saw a flyer for the Emerson basketball team! When I got home, I begged my Mom to let me join the team. Alright,” she said. Our first game was a few days later. The kids were huge! A few minutes later, the ball went up for tip off!

The author's comments:

This peice is about my basketball career.

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