The Hard Year

December 19, 2017
By Anonymous

One hard year it was back in 2016, a whole lot of killing, depression, heartache and pain.My dad was one of the victims of murder  It was really hard for me because my father had passed away a couple months after that year started. My dad was the breadwinner of our family. After his passing we didn't had a lot of resources to live off. My two older brothers was too young to get a job. My mom had lost her job a year ago because she was a alcoholic.


It abused her body really bad, she went up to her work place and created a scene so they had to let her go.It came to the part that we had to move out of our house because we didn't have enough money to pay for the land. We went to stay with my grandmom which is my mother's mother.Couple months past we was still at her house, my mom got cleaned and started looking for a job.

Before my mom got better she and my grandmother had gotten into an argument. It was a huge conflict so the police got involved. Grandma was only trying to talk my mom into seeing a doctor but she didn't handle it well. However after going to the station they both made up, So that we wouldn't have to sleep on the streets.It was a rough week then.

Mom job helped us a lot, we finally could get another place to live . We left our grandmas house and went to live in a gated community. My mother’s job paid well. I started going back to school, got my grades up and try helping out my family in anyways I could. It was a rough year in 2016 but we made it through.

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