What I Bring to the World

December 21, 2017
By deving1230 BRONZE, Durham, Maine
deving1230 BRONZE, Durham, Maine
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After learning that anyone can make the world a better place, I took a long, hard look at my own life to see where I can help. I knew, however, that I couldn't do it alone. First, I needed to know how others thought and felt about me. I started by going to the one person who I knew would be able to tell me the unbiased truth about me. That being my grandmother. I asked her very simply, “What are two positive attributes that you would use to describe me and why?” She answered stating that I am both “helpful” and “loyal”. I remembered these as I went on to my next interviewee. Having a sister can be both aggravating and supportive. If I wanted the honest truth about what strengths I bring to the world, then asking her would be very helpful in finding out. She told me that I “sought improvement”, continuing by explaining to me that I always want to better both myself and the people around me. Seeing that even my sister can understand that I bring some positivity to the world is a good sign of its veracity. Finally, I decided to interview my dad, understanding that I may get a mixed result from him, but I also knew that I valued his opinion regardless. Again, I asked the same question as before, and he replied that I am “helpful” and “kind”. After hearing that I am helpful, from two of my sources, I understood that it applied well to me. Taking this into account, I tried to find a reason for myself that explains these traits. I understand that I am very knowledgeable, especially with things that involve technology and I enjoy helping others with problems that pertain to technology.  I tend to take other people's feelings into consideration before my own. This type of selflessness has earned me respect from my family, friends, teachers, and peers. I have always thought of myself in a way that allows me to be accountable for my actions.  My sense of awareness, knowing what I should and shouldn't do, keeps me honest and humble. 

In conclusion, I can now prove that I will live by what my friends, family, and peers think of me. Knowing now that if I continue to be responsible, honest, and humble; I will improve upon myself in ways that I couldn't before. Thus allowing myself to be a better person. Something everyone should strive to achieve.

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this piece because of a project that I am doing in my English class. I thought that writing a personal piece like this would be beneficial to my creativity. 

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