November 24, 2017

the book has 5 short chapters hope you like my story it is sad but yea :)

Chapter 1: PRIMARY

Today is my first day at my new school actually today I am starting year 7 i am really worried because I do not know anyone here but i am mainly excited because i get a new start at my primary school people thought that i was ok not knowing that the things they said hurt one of my closest friends had really hurt me when one day we were out side doing some art to hang around the classroom when we had a massive argument we were yelling and screaming at each other the door was shut and the teacher was inside she had stood up and backhanded me in the chest I had a really sore chest and could not breathe properly i had to go and get and emergency form written out by the office later that afternoon as it was nearly home time when the incident happened I was crying and my mum got angry and went down to the office and had asked them to do something about the bullying that had been going on as the past days before that the girl that had hit me was calling me names such as dory as my name is tori and I have really big eyes sometimes I really hate my name because it makes the people that bully me call me dory

Chapter 2: SUICIDAL

After the incident I had been feeling suicidal it had been scary the things that I felt were real people told me not to feel this way but on the inside my body was not listening i used to laugh at the things I did as if it wasn't a big deal i just was not thinking I do not want to name names but the girl that had done this to me had come up to me I had told her to go away and just leave me alone she said in a really harmful voice “NO” i was so scared I started to cry i started running to the bathroom as she said “haha go cry then big eyes” it felt like the worst time of my life I went into the bathroom my friend hannah had followed me in I had wrapped my hands around my neck and started to strangle myself she was pulling my hands to try and free them from my neck she had finally got them off my neck that moment the bell went for the end of lunch  ran to class crying my face still red my teacher mr evans asked me if I was ok and without thinking I said “yes I am fine” ever since that day I wished that I told him what had happened I feel like things would have been so much better!

Chapter 3: HIGH SCHOOL

It was my first day of high school I had made it into Mount Carmel Catholic College I was so excited for a new start walking into that school felt so good but it felt even better when i saw hannah standing at the top of the hill we both ran up to each other and hugged each other we were so excited to see each other we hung out most of the time she wasn't in any of my classes so we didn't really stay in touch I had made new friends the three people that I don't think I could live without and if it wasn't for them I wouldn't be where I am today Adanah, Jasmine and Sarah. Adanah has brown eyes and brown hair she is very tan as she is Aboriginal. Jasmine is Filipino she is tan has brown eyes and brown hair and Sarah has blond hair and blueish hazelish eyes and she is very light skinned then there is me Tori with big brown eyes brown hair and a little tan!

Chapter 4: OWL

One day I had sport in the morning and one of the boys again I don't want to name names had been spreading rumors about me and i found out my best friend also found out she is one of those people that are like ‘if your mess with my BFF you mess with me’ so as you do we went up to him and said” what did you say about me” and he had replied “nothing” as he says that one of my good friends angelene had walked over she was an islander and at the time he was scared of her she said “yes you did say something you said that she was an owl” before she finished her sentence I was really angry i yelled really loudly “WHAT” he turned to look at me as the the rest of the class did too my teacher came over straight away and said what happened before I could say anything Adanah told him everything we got sent to the coordinator's office we had to explain everything that had happened the boy got in trouble and from then to now he has not called me one name other than Tori of course

Chapter 5: SORTA

The bullying has sorta stopped now I have my three best friends things at home are tough but hey I am about to have a new baby brother I am so excited for my adventures ahead I will probably write another book to tell you what is yet to come!

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