Finding a Home

October 20, 2017
By Anonymous

Walking through that bright red door on greenwood street was a surprise. All you could smell was chicken and feet. Big mirrors filled the living room walls, as I look at my reflection I wondered how I got here.

As I looked around I could only focus on her. She was short, fat, and black. She had a massive afro. Everyone in the room knew it was fake but no one said anything. As all of her hair glue and pieces were laying around.
As you walk into her kitchen the smell has doubled. You start to see the mess that has been made. Probably because she couldn't clean. All of a sudden the short lady hollers, “Come and say bye.”

I'm was walking over I saw a door it was white, had lines, and closed. I wanted to walk over and open it but I knew I shouldn't. It must of been closed for a reason. As I keep walking still looking at the door I quickly said, “I'm coming.”
“Bye Jennifer, ” I said with a grin.
“Bye, I hope you sleep good.” As she said with a smile.
As I'm looking around the short lady yelled “ Aren't you going to take your stuff to your room. Get it out of my living room.”
As I turned around I rolled my eyes and started taking my thing up stairs.
This foster home is going to suck.

As I walk up the narrow stairs I see pictures on the walls. They show a little girl as she grows up. I thought she was way older by now, but by the time I got to the top of the stairs there she was.

She was just standing there.

She was tall,skinny, and had long hair. She wore leggings and a crop top like she was a hooker. She was in her 20’s and still living in her mom's house not going to college.

“Can I help you!” She said with her hands on her hips.
“Yeah, Sonja sent me up here to put my stuff in a room.”

“Well your room is right there. Hurry up and get out of my way!” As I move out of the way she starts going down the stairs. All of a sudden she tripped and fell. I tried not to laugh bet I couldn't help it. It was like one of those times you're not supposed to laugh. But you do anyway because it's just so funny and they deserved it.

I start unpacking my things while Arielle is talking to me. I tune her out and just nod my head when she stopped talking. As I zone out and start thinking, I think of that white closed door and what possible could be inside.  I thought of it being a room full of hair and wigs that nobody went in because it was so cluttered and dirty. I wondered if it could be a room that she rents out to people for more money.

“Are you even listening?” Arielle hollered as I was just shaking my head.

“Yes! I am I just don't feel like talking.” I uttered.
“Okay then what did I just say?” I didn't know what she was talking about so I just didn't answer.
“What did I say?” She hollered again as i'm still shaking my head sarcastically. Hoping she would shut up. Finally I just answered.

I don't know and don't care. Shut up!” After I said that she was quiet. The whole house was quiet. I started going back down stairs to see what was going on.

I didn't see anyone the house was quiet and I didn't know where to go. So I went to the closed white room. I went to go open the door and the short lady with the afro opened it.

“What are you doing!” she hollered.
“I was just trying to see where you guys were. I'm done unpacking.” I started to try to look around her and her afro was just in my way.
“Okay! Then come watch T.V. and sit down.” She said as she moved out of the way so I can walk in the room with the white door. I walked in and it wasn't what I thought. Not even close.
Who knew the 20 year old girl had a kid.

She did dress like a hooker but I would've never guessed she already had a child. The room was full of toys and strollers and the crib for the baby. It was like he had his own little room all for him. There was a flat screen T.V. up on the wall mickey mouse was on. It was like a new episode where they had a race. I knew I wasn't gonna last long here. As the week went on it turned into months. Six months to be exact. I have no clue how my sister and I made it there for six months but we did. After that first foster home we went to 4 more until we found a place to call home.  That dont wanna take us just so they can get paid by the state. They wanted to take us to love us.

When you walk into a foster home most people think of Annie which is nothing like it is in real life. There isn't millionaire that comes and wants to take you in for a week and then adopt you. Usually the homes you go in are really disorganized and the foster parents don't care what you do.

But there is no perfect home.

I wanna change the way people see foster kids because just like there's no perfect home, there's no perfect kid.
I wanna change all the statistics about kids that are in foster care or that was in the system.

There's a statistic that states only 10% of former foster youth will attend college and, of that 10%, only 3% will graduate. I will be one of that 3% I will change that statistic.

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