My Trip to Ocean City

November 16, 2017
By zhammond BRONZE, Johnson City, New York
zhammond BRONZE, Johnson City, New York
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The powerful ocean at Ocean City made my family go crazy, after a case of dehydration. Ocean City was crazy me my mom,dad,two sisters,and nephew all went together. The first thing me and my nephew did when we got there was we went to the ocean and started jumping over waves of course he was really jumping in like two feet of water but he went deeper and ended up swallowing a lot of salt water, he ended up puking on the beach.


Then after that we decided it was time to get some food around six we went to the outside food court and we sat down and ate the aroma of salty french fries filled the air around me which was okay considering the fact we haven’t ate anything all day. I ate a hamburger, my mom ate pizza, my nephew ate pizza ,and everyone else ate a cheeseburger so we were all talking and laughing and out of nowhere my nephew starts spewing out chunky rancid puke like a decorative fountain every one stood up and jumped ten feet back like a frog. We all cringed at the sight of the puke and he kept puking after he puked my annoying sister starts screaming because he puked on the food and that pretty much ruined our appetite.

Out of panic, my mom and sister started arguing about whether they should take him to the hospital because he seemed dehydrated. We only thought this because he is small as a bug able to be knocked over by the wind and he is only five years old so his body most likely needed water fast. We asked him if he was fine after that and he said yeah so we all went back to our hotel and called his doctor to get a second opinion and his doctor said wait until morning if he is still puking then take him to the hospital. My sister took him to the bathroom because he said he was gonna puke and he puked once then he went out in the hall and dashed down like a race car at record speeds the hall my sister caught off guard and didnt didnt realize it but I was out in the hall when he ran and I got him. I went back into the room with him

“Hey can you watch him while I go to the store,” my sister asked.
“Yeah,” I said nervously.

Scared that my nephew was gonna puke on me I sat on the couch while he laid on the bed he only puked once after that we all went to sleep. My nephew didn't look sick and he was fine so we went down stairs and got breakfast at the restaurant in the hotel and my nephew didn’t eat a lot but he did eat. We decided to go to the ocean outside our hotel but my sister didn't take him to the ocean because that is most likely part of the reason he was dehydrated so she went to the pool by the hotel and farther from the ocean.

That was the time I realized that you should always stay hydrated especially considering the fact I could be puking over and over again nephew doesn't remember this at all but everyone else does. He thinks we are lying to him I guess he’ll never know the truth.

The end

The author's comments:

i hope people with a crazy family will realize they are not alone

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