My Nana and Me

November 16, 2017
By Anonymous

When my Nana passed away I knew it would be hard on all of us. My Pa and Nana loved each other even after they divorced. My Pa lives in a totally different state and works all the time. Me and my nana spent a lot of time together. We had many amazing conversations. We had all kinds of holidays together. This is mostly for her but it's also for me.   

Eloria Gulley D. was her name; she loved her kids and her grandkids. She passed away on the last day of school of last school year. She was first airlifted to Skyline Medical Center in Tennesse. At three or four o'clock in the morning on that Friday. That day changed my life and my family's life in ways that can't be explained. My aunt Deb had a really hard time during it and after: she still struggles every day to get up out of bed knowing her mother isn't there. My Dad misses her every day because he would always go see her. My cousins and I loved her so much but we all knew who she cared for the most. It was her first grandboy Dennis, the oldest out of all of us: he's the one who holds us together and holds his mom together. Nana and Dennis had a bond that couldn’t be broken. Adriana, which is one of Dennis's sisters, took it really hard, too. We all did: it changed the way I look at things. She always told me when I started driving we would go riding around, and her picture is in my car, and she will always be riding with me.

Ever since I was young I always thought that my pa and my nana were married, but they got a divorce around the time my mom and dad got married. They made me think true love is real; because even after they split they still would call each other every day. My pa has lived in Illinois for as long as I can remember. He now works on boat engines in Mobile, Alabama and drives back and forth from home to Alabama and back. They loved each other even if they weren't together right up until the end. Honestly, I think they both knew that: even today me and my pa talk about her and it's been almost four months since she's been gone. Now that’s what you call true love. 

Me and my nana have many memories together. We had very few times when we became mad at each other, and when we did we talked it out. She was the best grandparent anyone could ask for. She never left our side and she always stood by us on anything we did. Her funeral was the hardest thing I've ever had to go through, but I'll see her again.

Her funeral was Sunday, May twenty- first this year and all of my family was there and even some people I didn’t know. She always told me she would " dance at my wedding." My cousin and my grandma on my mom's side was my support that day. It changed my life forever and my family's life forever. She was the most amazing person in my life. We all miss her and her love for us but she is with me in every step I take. I love her and miss her and she will always be my guardian angel.

The author's comments:

Have you ever lost someone dear to you, its hard but i got through it so can you.

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