Hug to a Brother

November 7, 2017
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It was in November 2012. My brother get the residence of US all my family are sad because my brother need to go to living in US but i am happy finally i get my own room, my own place.

Finally the internet only for me I am so happy in that moment i need to go to the airport and say “bye” because blablabla I really don't care… in the time that we go to airport my brother act different is that a smile? I never saw that in all my life I think my brother is a person without feelings. My brother show me he can cry, smile,laugh i never saw that and i am say Why? WHy
now? I have 10 years with you and now you show me that

I am start thinking in what is happening but my brother start to hugging me and WHAT IS HAPPENING? I try to get out but…. I never had my brother's love in all my life, I don't want this to stop.

We are in the airport my brother star hugging all the family and i am the last all my family start crying but he don't cry... i am the last one my brother hugging me so hard and he starts crying.

He says me sorry, sorry for don't help you, sorry for never take you out, sorry for hit you, sorry for always are rude with you, i think i never say this words but i want you know i do this for you i don't going to college, I lose my girlfriend friends all for you i want you don't be like me

When I was kid I said, “I want to be like my brother.” I start crying, my worst enemy started to be my best friend, he only stop hugging me and hit me with 2 fingers my front and say “I see you in there” i only see the shape of my brother go out of my arms i saw how my perspective of life changed in only one second. I started thinking this is a nightmare but nope, I see my brother's love for me.


I want make my brother proud.

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