Unfair Teacher

November 7, 2017
By LuisSaavedra BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
LuisSaavedra BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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When i was a little boy i remember when my teacher would treat me unfair with the rest of the students and i can remember most of it. As i got older and i went to 2nd grade my teacher treated me differently than all the other students in the class. I then realised that my teacher disliked me from all the other kids and i was confused because i didn’t know why she did, as i got older i wondered if she was racist.

As i look back to that school year i think to myself that she couldn't be racist because in the class i wasn’t the only dark skin student in that class and she probably just disliked me because of my race or from where i’m from. I remember when i would call her “Ms. Kennedy” she would be looking at me with a mean vicious look as if she was trying to stare into my soul and i didn’t want to ask her anything anymore. I remember one day she brought in candy for the class and for each table she gave a student each rock candy and when she came to my group she gave a student a little pile and when it was my turn she just looked at me with a serious look on her face and walked away with the bag half full. I just sat there questioning why she didn’t give me a pile of candy and she went to get another bag of candy and only that this time she gave me something.

Sometimes she would move me to a desk away from everyone else and majority of the time i was getting moved and when someone threw away something she would come to me first with a mean look on her face and one day we were making foaming fingers and my friend asked her how it was and she said it was good and so i went and asked and she looked at me if like she had enough and said “what?!?” and she said it is fine and later she got mad with the whole class and i had my foaming finger on and yelled at me telling me to take it off while the other students were messing with it and i just had it on.

I will always remember the way she look, i sometimes get flashbacks when i was in that school year and i would always have a clear image of her and the way she would look at me than all the other students in that class and i will always remember when we were in line she would always make me walk with her thinking that i was always the problem in the line. Every bad event that happened in class she would always come to me first instead of someone else.

As the years past i learned that there are some people who just don’t like others do to their race or skin color. People out there will treat me differently because the way people look at me and view me because the way i am or who i am. There will be many people out there in the world who don't like me because of where i come from or who i am as a person.

The author's comments:

this was a story from my 2nd grade school year and i was treated unfairly 

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