First Time Playing Football

November 7, 2017
By Anonymous

Football is a crazy game. People’s emotions can get very high and it’s a lot of work. Football is a lot of pressure and you practice for a long time. Football is hard to understand if you never played. It has taught me how to be tough mentally and physically and showed me that I can do something that you think you can’t.

My first practice was a challenge  but i had a lot of fun and the kids on the team where kids I grew up and played basketball with. Another reason it was challenging is caues me and my friends liked to mess around outside of school and sports, but when i went to football it was a whole different story. Our football gave us a speech that was long about how it was about  dedication and that it will be hard.

that what the coach he like lets go our firts practies i got hit real hard it was pretty funny i miss it .The firts practies was alot of running and exersing and hitting .And i knew that firts practies i had a great team of brothers not just a team but i know they always have my back and we stuck threw that firts practies running in 95 degrees weather i miss it and i threw up caues it was so hot out and the coahes were the best i grew up with a football team and a second family that what  i knew my firts practices that what i meet and my firts practices we ran alot and alot of  work and a lot of workouts and my coach said it hurts keep going, don't stop  And my coach was like the firts practies you guys are gonna face advistery but football is about how to face it how to keep going  and how to work and dont quit.And coach said  you guys are just kids but you guys are done pop warner in two years and some you guys are gonna be splitting up .There is paths in life there the good path and there the bad path if you do down the wrong path there conquess and same with football you go ofside thats 10 yards .And football teaches you about life how to be accouble how to speak up and be strong and how to own up to your misaktes .And my coach was like you are gonna be in pain 96 degrees weather and 30 degrees weather but you are not going alone .And my firts practies showed me i had heart and i did not give up and keep pushing keeped on digging throught that firts practies.And that firts practies me all my team were like brothers i made a brother hood that day with my team .And i wish so bad i can go to Pop Warner. I miss it, my freinds, and football  so much.

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