The Time I Got Lost

November 7, 2017
By DevinMac15 BRONZE, Lowell,MA, Massachusetts
DevinMac15 BRONZE, Lowell,MA, Massachusetts
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The first time I got lost. The first time i got lost was when I was 4 years old. When I was in my house, in my room. I heard my mom and dad leave because  they had to go to see my grandma because she was sick. But when they Left the house I wanted to follow them. At the time my brother was watching me but he was in his room playing video games. So I got off the coach and my little feet touched the ground. When I was walking I grabbed my blanket so I was not afraid  and looked to see if my brother was still playing the video game which he still was. So I unlocked the door and walked down the hallway to another door and went outside.

When i was outside I could smell and feel the cold air. I walked down the little stairs and walked on the sidewalk I not see my parents. It was very Dark and scary there were only two street lamps on. When I was walking up this hill i heard a man say “hey are you lost?’’ His voice was very deep and scary. When i heard that i got very scared and started to run as fast as i could I thought in my head I was going to get kidnaped. When I started to run I ran into this house that had a porch on it.Why I sat on this porch is because I can possibly hide away so that he could not find me . I sat on the porch and i heard a voice that sounded very familiar. I heard “DEVIN WHERE ARE YOU?”. I knew it was my brother trying to find me. I ran out of the porch and ran and seen my brother I hugged him and he said “I thought that you got kidnaped or hurt but thank god I found you”. When we were in front of my house there were Three to Five  police cars and a lot of police men with flashlights The police were glad that my brother found me and said to my brother “You are a good brother that you went out and started looking for him.”. My my and dad hugged me and were crying and they said to me that they will never let this happen again and my brother got grounded for almost 3 months. After the 3 months my brother could baby sit me again and he never lost me ever again.

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