My Shot!

November 6, 2017
By IzzyJuniper BRONZE, Wellesley , Massachusetts
IzzyJuniper BRONZE, Wellesley , Massachusetts
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Let's start at the very beginning..

When I was born, I was barely alive. The doctors gave my parents little chance that I would be able to walk or talk. I would never have a normal life. My parents called this time of their lives "the dark ages" and I don't blame them.

"I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory.
When's it gonna get me? in my sleep, seven feet ahead of me..."

Thankfully, my brother and I can walk and talk just like any other kid, but I was the luckier one. I only have a mild leg disability while my twin brother faces life without perefrial vision, which makes his life so much harder.
We were considered miracle children to all of Colombia but to our quaint town of Wellesley, Massachusetts, we were considered part of a circus freak show.

I remember one time a few years ago while I was still in elementary school, a girl who was walking in the opposite direction of me, whispered in my ear:

"You've got handicapped powers."

I didn't really thing much of it at time it occurred but the next day it hit me; and it was very upsetting.
You see, people fail to understand that I am a quite a bright person. I have wowed my teachers,parents and friends  alike with my way with words, mathematics, and singing.


"Prob'ly shouldn't brag, but dang I amaze and astonish.."
But there are the ignorant people who believe according to an *ahem* "educated guess" that my mild leg disability somehow effects me cognitively.

" I've gotta holler just to be heard
With every word, I drop knowledge"

For the record, IT DOES NOT.
But enough with that, let's move on,shall we?

I believe that I was given this disability by God for a reason.

I have a purpose in this world, just as everyone else does. I just have to work a little bit harder to find it is all. I believe that as I climb the ladder of life, as I call it. I will get closer and closer to my goal as time goes on.

The Million Dollar Question: What is that goal?

Well, the truth is--
That I don't know just yet, my life has just begun.

But I do know

That I am not throwing away my shot!

The author's comments:

My point of view living with a mild disability.

Remember this: No one is perfect, but you are perfectly cast in your own life.

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