November 3, 2017
By Anonymous

My parents were never the perfect couple, as no couple is. Although I never thought the fighting and arguing would get bad enough to a point to where my mom left the house and has never come back. Before my freshman year of high school my parents got divorced. It’s as simple as that really. I was 14, and heartbroken. My brother who was 11 at the time, kept to himself about it as he does with all things. I on the other hand showed my emotion toward the situation in hopes that it would be reversed.

I don’t exactly remember the specific day it all happened, I just remember my mom left to her parents house and then somehow we ended up going both places every other day. It’s all really a blur to me, but I do know how it has affected everyone in my family since. After the divorce my mom had to work  a lot to save up for a house of her own, starting all over again, so I didn’t see her much. Our relationship has taken a hit from the divorce, I don’t live with her now, but I do see her and talk to her as much as I can. My dad had to work overtime and figure out things with the house because he himself could not pay for everything. He didn’t tell me much about it but I knew we were struggling to keep the house, but he kept fighting and working and we got it all figured out. My brother was quiet about how he felt about all of it. I’m not even sure if my parents ever asked him, although I’m sure they did. He just did what he usually did and lived his normal day, just in a completely different life it felt like. My dad started to miss my mom’s family, as they were his family since they were in high school. My family missed him too, so they eventually figured things out and he visited them every once in awhile.

Although the divorce has affected all of us in different ways, there’s nothing anyone can do to change it. That is what was hardest about it, not being able to do anything. I wouldn’t wish a parent’s divorce on anyone, unless it is for the best. I’m not sure if this divorce was a good idea or not, as I still wish it had never happened. Now I live through my life, a different one than I lived 3 years ago, or even 10 years ago. I live my life stronger and smarter and knowing that anything can happen. I live my life the best way I can.

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