What Took for Me To Be Thankful for My Family

November 3, 2017
By Fridag BRONZE, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
Fridag BRONZE, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
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“Are you ready?” My mom smiled.
I smiled back, “Yeah.”
“Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts, we’re about to take off” The captain said.
I sighed. “Let’s do this” I thought to myself.

As a Mexican, people might know I have a big family, which means we all get together and have parties to celebrate the most unimportant events. I remember dreading these. I remember the only part I liked about them was meeting my cousins and playing around with them. I remember asking my mom why we had to go to these reunions. I remember waiting for my cousins to arrive. They were always there last minute and we were always early.

When my parents told me I was moving to Michigan I was a little too young to understand what was going on and how big the change was. I remember sitting on the counter with my siblings by my side, while my parents sat us down and asked “How would you guys like living in the United States?”

My siblings and I thought about it for a second.

I spoke up saying “I don’t really know, I guess it’s okay. It’s obviously something different but I’m willing to do it,”
Following that my brother said “I’d rather not but if we have to then it’s okay. Cause we would be leaving family and friends behind”.
My sister remained silent, she was too small so I guess she doesn’t really mind.

“It’s a great opportunity, obviously if you guys don’t want to go we won’t, but we think it’s the best for us and specially for you guys,” My dad said.
“Yeah, your dad got offered a job opportunity and we think it could be good,” My mom added.


The goodbye was the hardest part of everything. Saying goodbye to your loved ones could probably be the most heartbreaking thing to do. They love you and support you, so they won’t complain. But I remember feeling the lump on my throat, I remember moving my feet towards the door, towards a new chapter in my life. Feelings racing as I walked.  Scared, nervous, and excited was an understatement. All these emotions going through my head were overwhelming but somehow they felt good.


When the day finally arrived we got our suitcases loaded and headed to the airport with our one way ticket. I sat on the large, comfy plane and halfway through the flight I had convinced myself that it would be alright.


Walking out of the plane I felt so many emotions that I was blank. We arrived here and it was all great. At first very confusing but we eventually found a way to work things and soon enough I had friends. It was okay, we were okay. A new world opened up and wow, I could not be thankful enough. I remember the humid air I wasn’t used to, I remember the constant changing of the weather, I remember how nice the people were, I remember not being scared.


Being away from my family for such long time made me realize how much I love them and how much I actually miss them. Every time I got to see them I made the best of it. I made sure they knew I loved them and that I missed them. I guess you don’t realize what you have until they take it away from you.


We eventually moved back and I was really happy but at the same time I was sad. I had my own little second family here. My friends became my family and it wasn’t easy to say goodbye. We went back to the goodbye routine. When I eventually came back I made sure to not take for granted my family, I made sure I had fun with them and finally I could talk to them.


Of course, we got the news that we were moving back and I was really happy to hear that, but I knew that by doing this I’d have to leave my family behind again. I feel as if by being older I miss them even more! When I moved back to Mexico I had so much fun with them that maybe I got used to it. The two years I had lived here I learned to appreciate my family and learn to love them. I learned the importance of my loved ones and most importantly I learned to not take for granted my family. Now I’m more than excited to see them on Christmas and spend some quality time with them.


Learn to be thankful for your family.

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