A Memorable Volunteer Program

November 2, 2017
By RyanTrieu BRONZE, Plymouth, New Hampshire
RyanTrieu BRONZE, Plymouth, New Hampshire
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In the summer of 2016, I participated in a program that helps contestants of my high school’s entrance exam. Contestants and family members will face many difficulties, such as traveling, eating places, new environment and pressure on the papers before a big exam. Volunteers of the program assist these candidates by taking them to their designated test room. I remember my entrance exam into my high school, which took place at a university. At that time, it seemed that the university door was so strange to me. However, thanks to the volunteers who helped me throughout the exams, I was so enthusiastic and confident that I passed the exam. The blue color of their uniform became a motive, a pride in my eyes; it is the color of the passion of dedication, the youthfulness of the students, the aspirations of contributing to the community. I decided to apply for their program after getting into the school.

When I first got to know that I was on the program’s volunteer list, I felt exhilarated, because it was my desire, the opportunity I had longed for. In the first day, I personally consulted the homestay and introduced new contestants to the free hotels or delivered each box of rice, water bottles to understand the meaning of volunteer work. The smile, thankful words of the candidates made me more motivated. In the second day, I gain more experience with this volunteer work. Especially I can answer questions, explain clearly to candidates as well as parents on issues such as motels, food, how to test effectively, how to stay healthy throughout the day. A contestant had a conversation with me: "I was nervous, anxious to the level of sleep deprivation,” and fainted in the examination room. I told him to stay calm, keep your health and spiritual well-being so that the days go smoothly and let the path to the university come closer to him.

My enthusiasm through the days had never decreased, similar to those of the fellow crew members. Enthusiasm was always shown clearly: enthusiasm for the teacher, the fun of singing at the break, sharing the classroom and life experiences. Harsh weathers brought us many troubles. The sudden thunderstorm made the whole team wet many times. But, the joy of helping contestants was our motivation to overcome all these difficulties. It was difficult for me to use an exact word to express emotion at that moment, in which I felt my life was really meaningful. Looking at the happy smile of the prospective students and their families, I felt strange inside. I had never thought that I would be happy doing this. I remember the crowds of people at the university, remember the meal I handed to the contestants along the road, remember missing dinner, remember the trouble with hotel owners, remember the only bottle of water that I had for the whole day.

People often say, living to go without getting back, but to me, what I get is much bigger. Those are the soft skills that I learned, the experience of life, the joy, the happiness of helping others. For this reason, I acknowledge that my life is more meaningful than ever. Surely next year, I will continue to participate in the competition, still bring the enthusiasm, youth in me to help future students, future generations of the country.

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I'm a student from Vietnam who want to share my own experience with other people.

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