The Ride of My Life

November 2, 2017
By MichiganFan BRONZE, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
MichiganFan BRONZE, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
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The one day where you get to see all your distant aunts, uncles, and cousins you never get to spend time with; the day I look forward to all year. Seconds after walking into the doors, a rush of exhilaration and excitement took over me. July 4th, 2012, a great day filled with smiles and laughter. These types of family reunions only happen once in a great while. However, it took a wild turn down the wrong path after an immature decision on my part which I will always regret.

I whipped open the hefty sliding doors to the backyard, eager to see the loads of fun awaiting on the other side. It must of been a dream because I could not believe my eyes. To my right, a shiny gold dunk tank with matte blue rims and a huge bullseye stood off to the side. All the little kids dashed towards it with wide eyes, thirsty to see who will be the first to get dunked into the cold, icy water. Daringly, I lowered just a pinkie into the tank, which sent a shiver instantly across my body. I shook the icy cold feeling off, and the double trampoline caught my attention next. They had someone come to the house beforehand who built the two trampolines together; my jaw dropped in awe. I practically zipped through the air, and pushed aside all my cousins just to be the first one on. Gripping the ladder, I hoisted myself up, and took a giant leap across. I flew through the air like a baby bird at first flight; I had never felt so alive.

However, my body suddenly came to a stop, as something truly amazing caught my attention. This was it. This was the ultimate obstacle. The waterslide which stood so tall I thought it would reach the clouds. Sprinting towards the sky high waterslide I kicked off my shoes, which both soared in different directions; I couldn't wait any longer. I ran up the steep steps behind my cousin Morgan, ignoring how the gritty velcro stairs cut into my feet. Of course, they would be sore tomorrow, but I didn't care; my mind was clearly set on reaching the top to make the plunge down.

I watched as everyone took turns, and I noticed they all had similar techniques. All of them, one by one, bounced on their butt before they slid down, which gave them an extra amount of height as they flew through the air, so I decided to be daring and give it a whirl. I was next. My fists trembled and dripped with sweat like Niagra Falls and my heart lept out of my chest with every beat; the excitement consumed me. I got ready to jump. One, two, three, go!!

As I slid down, my grin stretched from cheek to cheek; it was everything I had imagined, the ride of my life.
“ Woooh Hooooo, “ I roared, zipping swiftly down the slide. I stood up only to see the stunned faces of my entire family, as if they had just watched someone get murdered right in front of their eyes.

“ Oh my god Hannah what happened to you!! “ My cousin Morgan screeched instantly after seeing my bloody face. After the screaming and fussing from my family, I came to realize, I had lost my permanent front tooth.
The part of this incident I will never forget is not what happened to my tooth, but the poor decision I made. I was going to slide down the way I wanted, however, I noticed what everyone else was doing, thirsty to do the same. I wanted to be like all my cousins, although, I learned from what happened that I needed to be myself and do my own thing. My choices should not reflect off of anyone else’s decision but my own.

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