The Death Hill

October 31, 2017
By MariannaLally BRONZE, Moscow , Other
MariannaLally BRONZE, Moscow , Other
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In the middle of nowhere, nothing to be seen; the mountains of Altai stunning as ever.  climbing and soaring, reaching to the top of the steep hill on a ginormous mountain. I felt the howling wind crashing on my face. I was climbing on the vertiginous hill the smell of ash blowing in my face;  it smelled like crushed wood that was cutting down from the trees millions of years ago. My hands were covered in painful scars from rocks it felt like hundreds of knives stabbed in my back because the painful cuts- skin coming apart. The Stinging nettles between my fingers the thorns punching through my heart then exploded my blood. I taste the last remaining water, only a single drop left, dehydrated, about to collapse. I was weak, my body shattering into pieces. My mind was dealing with crazy, angry, and gloomy thoughts. I couldn't control myself, I was going wild,  emotionally. I had a lot of powerful emotions going through my head. I was panting, running out of breath, I wanted to go back to my sweet place, where I would be alone.

I turned around I had opposite feelings and views. I was excited and shocked. I've never seen anything like this. I saw the dazzling river shining from the bright yellow creamy sun. The clear blue glacier water looked like a thousand diamonds. I saw the trees reaching higher, standing out to the world. I could see mother nature over-taking the power to the world; making people's eyeballs falling off heads. My jaw dropping, that could fit a lion. My mind going crazy and thought that it took me to neverland. The view looked different because it looked like the story of my life. The magnificent symbols represented it. One of them is the river it reminded me of this exquisite beach in Turkey. The waters were so clear that you could see the tiniest fish twenty feet below the surface. I could hear the waves going through the sand and giving a crunchy noise. I could feel the salt water breezing through my face. While you lay down you can look at the beautiful clear sky and the parachutes soaring, spinning, and floating in the air. That was an amazing vacation.

I had my other eye looking at they pale gray rocky steep hill. I felt sad and angry because I have to go through the pain of walking up the death hill. Drifting through the pain, pant, thirst. People roaring like dead elephants trying to stomp up the hills of Altai. Everything gloomy came back again and the struggle. The selfish thoughts coming from other people that I was walking like a sloth. The negative thoughts came forcefully back while I was trying to push them strongly away. I thought I couldn't survive because the hill was too steep.

I saw something odd; a pretty blue blue bird flying its little wings around my head. There was at least something happy in this hill. The little bird was chirping in people's ears telling something important. I was so curious what that bird was saying; maybe it could be about the hill. Suddenly, somebody screamed and the bird flew away. Now I had to focus going on the hill.

Stomp, climb, grab there I was on the death hill again. I was thinking when I would be done with this hike. In my head it said “give up” but my body said not to. So I kept going, going, and going. Suddenly, my feet were slipping away from rocks. Pushing away with my feet. The rocks were still rolling down I couldn't fight it away.  I was about to fall off the edge, my heart pumping out of my chest. The tears almost pouring down my eyes. My anxiety crazily running through my terrified body. The pal that was behind me grabbed me with her tight hand. Trying to not let go of my life. If I let go that means my life would be taken by a spectacular view I was trying to reach; accomplishing a goal. But I kept thinking forward to the good thoughts again. I went up for miles and miles and the good thoughts didn't race into my mind, instead I could still feel the pain from the stinging nettles and the rock scars- blood dripping out, hours ago. There was no help around my surroundings the key is to be independent. As I always kept in my powerful mind “Slow and steady wins the race”. 

I was stomping up the hills of Altai I was peaking and seeing what it is. I could see the finish I saw people standing there being joyful, having a good time. I was so happy that the tears dripped out of my eyes really fast. My heart started racing out of my chest. I was using all my muscles and sprinting till I collapse and die at the top. I left all my thoughts behind and focusing going to the top of the vertiginous hill. Then I step at the top of the hill I felt like a million dollars. I felt very proud of myself because I just survived the death hill…I thought I could never do that. For some reason, my body felt rested at the top I could feel no pain even from the plants or rocks. I could feel just a lot of happy and joyfulness in my body instead of sad and angriness. I just  

That was some intense hike I would not want to go on the same steep hill again. But, it will be a good story to tell everybody because I want people to realize what some people have to do everyday in their lives such as climbing up mountains. Also, climbing up a hill is also healthy but painful. It's healthy because you get more muscles get stronger- have more power. If you go up the death hill you get more weaker when you climb up but you realize you get stronger at the same time too. That's why I call it the death hill because it makes you suffer in pain. The death hill has so many obstacles that you have to pass through...that's why it takes so long. It's so steep that you are about to die more every second. You drank the last drops of liquid in your water bottle and you have no more… It absolutely gone- dying of thirst. But don't give up keep going motivate yourself. Do your pace and accomplish it one day at a time. Again, slow and steady wins the race. The main point is even though you're in a lot of pain don't give up because you will never accomplish anything. Follow your instincts… that's one tip to how to survive up the death hill. Listen to your mind it's always speaking to you. You know what it says- don't give up.  You can do anything in this life. Nothing is impossible.

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