One Small Miracle

October 31, 2017
By Anonymous

It was a bright day, clouds were eating up the sun. There was a warm atmosphere touching my fingers gently. The refreshing sun was waking me up, with birds tweeting right next to me. In the morning, one nice greeting from the side stinky, old squatty potty, instead of a cherry on top, there were flies on top. Dragging my flipflop all the way up and all the way down with, shorts and T-shirt. My face was scrunched more than Gru will do from the minions, talking to my soul what exhausting would happen today. Repeating the same script “ I want to fly back to Moscow”. Parents in Moscow talking in with happiness in the brought me a flashback of a clean and neat toilet which you could sit on. Brushing my teeth to prepare for the day, the heavy texture was dragging me down to the ground. I have screamed loud enough to let people know about already have woke up 6: AM in the morning. Jumping up and down made my favorite dog, Koosh Koosh bark. His dark chocolate eyes filled up with fear which made me anxious. Slowly, turning my back toward the hand. Below the mirror, there was a person, who had a black scarf as a dark midnight. Old women, looking terrified. Her eyes were dragging me down to regret what have I done to her. She grabbed my hand in sudden said: “Young lady, are you South Korean?”

Going toward the mirror, to give a closer look toward the old lady. She had red lips that brightened up like roses, with eyed colored as a green sapphire, filled up with happiness. Wrinkles on her face described how harsh situation fronted her in life. Her clothes were thin as shaking reed. Old women holding my hands with her rough hands like a sandpaper. The rain was lowly drizzling down, the wind was slight, touching my nose. I gently nodded my head, scared afterward what she would tell me. She said, “ Oh my lord I have never seen a South Korean in my life”. Nothing more than that could touch my heart in my life. Her eyes described everything. She told me how her mother tried to go over all the sharp borders - a pencil which is just sharpened from Mongolia and China. All the time in my life when something happy happens, it always relates to something which happened with expectations. My heart was torn in half when she told everything about her life. Kooshkoosh cute puppy, with bright brown eyes which had a color of dark chocolate, sat right next to me sniffing, asking for some snacks that he could eat.

An old lady introduced herself in Russian. Her name was, Olga, she never met her family before in her life. My feelings for that day changed right away to tiredness to happiness. My toothbrush was still in my mouth with, bubbles which were whiter than a polar bear. She told me about how her mother skipped all the border from China to Mongolia. When she wanted to hear what do I think, my murmur didn’t work with a mouthful of a bubble in my mouth. Her, face slowly, went up her lips were brighter than a Sakura which blooms on the streets during spring days in Korea. Wearing a short and a T-shirt was not a good idea that you could have in one of the freezing days. She saw my arms said gently, “  Oh, pretty young lady, I know you are cold right now, I need to go on my own way, see you soon” Afterwards, Olga riding a bicycle and saying Poka loudly, and went all the way down to the dacha, which was really close to the banya.

I was running as fast as possible back to my room, to tell what miracles have happened in this morning. My roommates seemed like a caterpillar who wanted to sleep more than others. The only word that I heard from my lovely roommates were, “ Jennifer if you least have a brain, shut that door.” It was an exact same sentence when my mom is yelling to clean up the room to deserve a delicious breakfast. I yelled “ I met North Korean today” as loud as possible. Everyone who was in our camp, people thought I was happy since the weather was not rainy at all. Although, all of my friends and teacher told me the same thing “ Jennifer, I think you are repeating what you have said more than 50 times” But I did know something for sure. All the time, a miracle which I experience happens, when it is unexpected.

When I was in Altai, the only thing which I have done was, moaning about the day and hanging up my feet all the way to my cabin, which seemed alike, I was stuck in one of the quicksand. After that day, it leads me to have a new perspective about myself - who is very fortunate than others. Going to school with my shoes on couldn’t be compared with Olga, who walked, crawled through all the dangerous borders. Furthermore, when Olga was suffering for water and food, I was able to eat also sleep on one of the fluffiest bed in my life. Olga gave me a lesson, that happiness can not be found in selfishness.

The author's comments:

This piece was written by an 8th grader, who attends to a normal school. It was a very interesting experience to have during the discovery week in our school. Hope you enjoy :)

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