Dare to Dream

October 29, 2017
By sophiakat BRONZE, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
sophiakat BRONZE, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
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I entered the quiet classroom with enthusiasm. Immediately, as I stepped through the doorway, the smell of whiteboard markers wafted to my nose, the scent drifting through the room like a stream. Making my way through the familiar path of desks, the taps of my single pair of footsteps filled the room, sounding like thunder in the silence of the school. I took a seat at a desk that after so many years of striving to become a teacher, I could now call my own.

From being in school, as a student, for so many years, I couldn’t contain the satisfaction that I was going to give back and make a difference. I had learned so much from being in school, about the curriculum as well as more about myself. I wanted to provide a good experience, as well as a memorable one, for all those who enter the doorway of this classroom.

As I was sitting at my desk, I took in my surroundings. Staring ahead, I looked to see the photos on my desk, a timeline of my life, all full of smiles and expressing the happiness that I was sure I’d continue to display throughout my career.

The desk were evenly put in pairs, each facing the whiteboard at the front of the spacious room. A path was left between both side leading to the front. I stood up and brought myself to push the chairs in and straighten the desks until they were neatly lined up, placed as straight as pins. I had planned on making a good impression, all the way down to last minute details.

Book shelves were placed along the left side of the room, next to the door, filled to the brim. I opened the blinds of the windows to the right of the classroom and let the sun in, filling the room with daylight. The light reflected along the bright blue walls, creating a positive, friendly atmosphere. I opened the windows and let in the hot swirl of summer wind and the sound of trees thrashing in the distance, making the room as fresh as morning air.

To decorate the plain room, I decided to hang up posters. These were put in place to motivate and inspire my students, with all that they do, whether it’s school work or just something they’d carry on with them. Carefully stepping up onto the chair, I evenly placed them on the wall. I took a second to admire the colorfulness that started to fill the room. I tried to make this school environment as serene as the calmest of lakes. Proud of the work that I’d accomplished, I couldn’t help but feel excited to meet my students!

For every other person in the building, it was just the first day of school, but for me it was so much more: the beginning of a new life and career. I was ready for a fresh start which included helping others. I wanted to be a teacher that my students would love, and visit. I imagined what a joy it would be, to make a difference in the lives of others. I wanted to be someone to look up to, to help them, to influence them and to make them the best that they could be.

As the bell rang, signaling that the day had just begun, I heard the loud voices and movements throughout the hallways. A rush of excitement and nervous chills ran through my body. Right as the first student was about to step foot into my classroom, my thoughts rushed in, why was I doing this? It did not need much time to answer, for I knew exactly why within the next few seconds, because there I was, standing in the front of the classroom. Except now, the faces were actually staring at me. Those empty desks were now filled with smiling and energetic students. There was silence for a few moments. I took in a deep breath, smiled and began to explain their very first assignment.

The author's comments:

Growing up, I've always wanted to be a teacher, so I decided to write about what it would be like if that dream were to come true.

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