My Homeless Grandma

October 29, 2017
By Anonymous

Grandma G wasn't my actual grandmother. She was an old lady I met on the street while walking home from school. She was homeless but a very happy and positive person, she greeted most students from my school as they walked past her and the rest of the homeless people . They day I began talking to her I wasn't in the mood for anything, I had a bad day at school and was very tired. I noticed that she was smiling at me and asked how I was “I’m doing okay, how are you doing” i asked her she said “I’m fine, i just got in a fight look at my arm”. Her arm had fresh cuts and some old ones as well she also had a black eye, I thought she had gotten in a fight with another lady so i asked, She told me she fought a guy after that i didn’t ask anything else. She asked about my day I told her it was okay. I didn't talk to her for long but I liked her, we talked throughout the whole school year which for me wasn't the best year (Freshman year). Grandma G had a lot to talk about everyday however after a couple of months she stopped sitting with the homeless people on Colfax she was no longer there, it was as if she just went missing. Everyday I wondered about her but ever since that day I never saw her again.

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