The First Conversation

October 27, 2017
By Anonymous

My first conversation with my best friend, Dylan, was unlike any other way I've ever made a friend. We met in sixth grade and we absolutly dispised each other. I tried to talk to him and be involved and he would give me a dirty look and walk away. Fortunately, one time in class we got paired up for a project. We sat down and said nothing, silence was spreading through the table. We then started to go over the procedure and our teacher before said " the third person sit there and look pretty", Dylan told me not to do anything, I interupted him and added " and look pretty... GOT IT!" and Dylan liked it, he laughed and we talked and we got no work done, and from what i said that day, he became my best friend. I think its funny how we hated each other and now he is the best friend I've ever known.

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