First Time

October 26, 2017
By Anonymous

I was waking up to the bright sun beating on my face. I was trapped inside my blankets dying of heat. I finally got out of bed and put on my shoes and walked out of the camper. My family was all sitting around the campfire and my uncle Mike making breakfast. When Breakfast (We had breakfast burritos) was over I got ready for the adventurous day ahead of me. My cousins,my brother and I wanted to ride dirt bikes/four-wheelers so we got on our gear for that. We had 3 dirt bikes and 1 big four wheeler. There was four of us not including the adults. At first no one used the four wheeler because it needed gas.We really could go anywhere because we own the land out in Trinidad

.The first round only the boys went out which was my dad,my brother otis,and my cousin Trevor. As they were out riding I was back at the camp site with my cousin Mikaela and the other adults were by the fire. All I was thinking was I am gonna crash or something will go bad because I never rode a dirt bike. When it was my turn to go out and ride I was telling them no I will go later. They pushed and pushed me so I finally got on the dirt bike and took off after otis and my dad. We started off easy so we went out on the big grass field. I was doing good till….. I stopped to talk to Trevor and when I went to go take off again I ran right into a bush. I fell off of the bike and the bike was stuck. My dad came over and took it out of the bush and we rode back to the campsite.

My dad told pretty much everyone, at first I was a little embarrassed at first but I got over it. I didn't want to go ride again so I got on the back of the four wheeler with my cousin Mikaela driving and went far on dirt roads and went driving places.

Overall, I learned to pay attention where I am going after stopping. Or even don’t stop and talk unless it's necessary. I had a fun time with family camping and riding dirt bikes and even just riding on the back of a four wheeler. Camping with family is fun overall and next year I don't crash and have more fun.      



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