October 24, 2017
By sophiaiacobucci SILVER, Brentwood, New Hampshire
sophiaiacobucci SILVER, Brentwood, New Hampshire
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I met Sadie in 6th grade.
She played cello, and I played violin in the middle school orchestra.

A word that begins every friendship.
A word so simple.
With a role so big.
5 letters that changed my life.

Sadie and I spent all of middle school together.  We were each other’s person.  Until Sadie came into my life, I didn’t know what a best friend really was, or how important they were.  I became so dependant on her being there for me.  This year she goes to a different school.  I thought that by now I would have accepted the idea.  Especially having known that she would be going to that school since sixth grade.  High school is a bit harder for me because of this change.  Now I realize I can no longer go to her about the crazy drama, or who likes who, or what that weird teacher said.  A school without Sadie is a new and different place for me. 

When you’re little.
People say…
Best friends are forever.
You get it stuck in your head.
But as you grow up.
You realize.
Maybe they’re not.
You realize.
As you change.
They change too.
You realize…
They were supposed to be in your life.
But maybe not forever.

This past summer I started to grow apart from Sadie.  Without realizing it, I was doing this because I was scared.  Scared next year I would still depend on her to be there.  I still wanted her to be there for me.  Even though we will probably never be as close as we used to be, she will always be someone close to my heart.     

Holding a special place in my heart.
Keeping memories in my head.
Cherishing smiles and laughs.

I will never forget the times enjoyed with Sadie.  We have shared so many funny, sad, and joyous moments.  My hope is that most of them stay in my thoughts for a while.  They will definitely stay in Sadie’s head.  She is known to have the memory that everyone wished they had.  Sadie could remember the date of when I fell down the stairs at school and totally embarrassed myself or where we were when I told her I had a crush on someone.  What she was able to remember always freaked me out, yet I would laugh at it.  It was a quality I loved about her.

You know you miss a person.
When every time you see them.
You share an embrace.
One you know you will share the next time.
And the time after that…
An embrace you will look forward to,

I can’t wait to make more memories with Sadie.  Something I will have to get used to is it being special every time I see her.  I used to see her every day.  But now, it’s exciting every time we see each other.  There are many things I’m new to without her, but I know that this is what was supposed to happen.  I was supposed to be best friends with her.  We were supposed to go to different schools.  There is a plan for us, I can feel it.  I will miss Sadie, but this isn’t the end of our chapter.  Not yet.

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