October 24, 2017
By KelseyKipp BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
KelseyKipp BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
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Life changes fast, and it sure did change for me. Growing up you have a mindset of how life is going to be for you. You’ll grown up with your family having the happiest life you could have but one disease could change it all for you. In about third grade that’s when my family found out my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and that was just a shock to us, we didn’t know how to react because us kids have never had anything traumatic happen to us.As the years went on my mother won the big battle of beating cancer and she was back to her normal self. But as the year 2013 approached you could see a change in my mother’s mood, she was more irritable and that was because she was getting these massive headache. Weeks went on and my mom couldn’t handle the pain anymore and she finally decide to go to the doctor and that when we got the upsetting news, that my mother had a brain tumor.Having to beat stage 4 terminal cancer was one thing what threw us off, but now having to fight a tumor in your head that you have no control over. Seeing my mother go from being the one to always support us at sporting event and being so proud of our accomplishment to not even being able to say I love you back to her kids. Seeing someone perish right in front of you takes a toll on you, and makes you just want to push those sad feelings out of the way and just not feel anything at all, which that’s what I did.For the months leading up to my mother’s death it wasn’t like I was myself anymore. It was like I was living in a young happy 13 year olds skin but having a soul what just feels defeated. I haven’t been myself since then but getting the call from my grandmother saying we need to get up to the hospital because this might be the last time we would see her made me strong.As my dad was speeding to the hospital to see my mom all I was thinking about how different things are going to be. Getting to the hospital and walking into her room and seeing her lie on the hospital bed that’s when everyone broke down, it was like I could hear everyone’s hearts shattering into tiny little charades. That’s when I knew nobody was there to pick everyone else up so I had to be the strong one. Having a person being ripped right from your life thinking they were going to be there for everything, graduation, accomplishments, just made me stop thinking about the negative, and think about what I can do to cheer everyone up, and I’ve been like that ever since. Being strong is what got me over that day and everyday since then.Strong is what I needed to be for my family, I knew everyone’s hearts were breaking over my mother’s death. The thought of my mom not being on this earth anymore was unthinkable. My grandma had called my dad to tell us my mom wasn’t doing well and that we should hurry up and get to the hospital to see her. So my family dropped everything and drove to the hospital to see her for what would of been the last time.  As my dad was driving fast to the see my mom all I thought through my mind is how much different life is going to be, and it did changed so much. But change is a good things even if the event what made things change was bad.Living now without a mom in my life has made it challenging, but has also prepared me for things in the future. I have grown to be a better person today.

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