Fun, Fun, Fun (Not)

October 24, 2017
By Anonymous

I am religious, I am Bisexual, I could name more things, but this is what My story revolves around. So my worst fear is to have my church find out that I am bi. Even though I am open about it, I just  would not want to have many family members who do not know, find out. So I have had many "lovers" if you will, allthough I call them companions. Many of them are good friends, one has died, and two of them are together. The one who died, I feel partly to blame for. so set the scene: fall of 2015. I am in love with a man who is kind of popular. But he is wayyyyy older than me. so I ask him out, and he said no. I repeated this method for a while, and the same result kept happening. So frustrated, I say "If you don't like me, just die." remember, I was an 8th grader. As it turned out, he was being bullied. So two weeks later, he commited suicide. My church, being close to a funeral home, held the funeral. They found out he was gay, and condemmed him later on. I was very sad, and did not go to church for a while. I now do, now that we have a Bisexual pastor. I learned quickly that words have a big impact on every action.

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