My sister nearly drowns

October 24, 2017
By Anonymous

What was supposed to be a relaxing trip for this avarge middle schooler turned into one of the scariest moments of his life. A simple task, look over his sister who doesn't know how to swim. Not as easy as it seems.

Chapter 1: The Lake

We had arrived. At the famous whiskeytown lake. The tall green redwoods reflecting on the shiny, blue water of the lake. The sun was shining brilliantly over the nature surrounded lake. My family and I excitedly walked over to the shallow waters of the lakes cove. I enthusiastically ran into the water and soon enough I realized my cotton T-shirt was still on. Oops. Later on the day after all the fun, my mom called my over. "Your older brother has already looked after your sister, now its your turn". I had not at all been ready for this and my cheeks and ears started burning as usual when I'm nervous. I told my mom stammering, "okkkaaayy mmom". I could tell something was different about her since I responded. So then, I stressfully dragged my feet underwater to the locations of my sister. Cheerfully splashing and playing in the crystal clear water. I sat down beside her and did as she was doing. Soon enough, both of us were joyfully laughing on the lakes shore. I soon realized how much fun I was having. I thought in my head, "what could go wrong? What could go wrong"?

Chapter 2: The rescue

It had just reached 12:00 P.M. We left the shore, and sat under a magnificent redwood.We layed a rug down and sat on it to eat lunch. I gobbled down my food just so I could go back to the shore. Once I reached to the shore, which was a different part of the lake, safe to swim in, I called out to my sister to come. Here on this part of the lake it was deeper even close to the shore. I felt a little tense because of that. Due to this, we stayed next to the shore. One thing though was that there was much more people here than the cove, and so I felt I could get distracted. This did not stop me from having a wonderful time with my sister, and we had even more fun. She was kicking on the water holding on rocks, and splashingn water everywhere. A couple of minutes later, some kid started talking to me. I stared in absolute astonishment. This kid didn't even know me. I slowly turned my head back at my sister, but I had seen my greatest of fears. I saw clear, shallow water instead of my sister. I started panicking, my face burning uncontrollably. I was so scared I did nothing. Than I see a lifeguard sprinting into the water grabbing hold of someone. My sister.  

The author's comments:

Based on a true event that had happened to me. I got inspired becuase lots of emotions and feelings had been in one small moment. Something I had not felt before. A lesson is to be learned from this story. You may never know. (unless you read my story)

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