The Day That Changed Everything

October 22, 2017
By 9striplj BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
9striplj BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
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Hot, sweat dripping down faces, bright lights, crowd cheering, gym floor with no traction and no air condition. Was a day that would change my whole life. That was the game that my dad felt bad for coming late to. I was on a breakaway, going up for a lay-up is when that fast break stopped. I came down and landed on someone’s foot and rolled my ankle. One of my teammates helped me get my stuff and gave it to my dad after the game. Little did I know that she would be my best friend and we help each other when we are hurt. That was when I thought that I wasn’t going to play basketball again.

This all started in 7th grade when I strained almost all my tendons in my left ankle and it didn’t feel right.  My family didn’t know what was going on and after the game they asked me. Then, this happened to me again in 8th grade, but now with my right ankle. It’s now a daily thing with me. Now to this day when I run I get nervous that I'm going to be in pain from my ankles. So I don’t like running on a field that is very uneven. Most of the time I will have my ankles taped and braces on which really helps out. I don’t really know how my body is going to function so I do roll my ankles a lot. I still get the pain from this by sitting and walking sometimes.

This pain goes from any part of my foot to my hip. This happens to both of my ankles and I do strengthening exercises but that's not working. It sucks because I love sports and when I have to sit out I complain a lot. I know that the team can’t blame it on me if we win or lose because there is nothing I can do about it. I’m used to my teammates complaining about me so it doesn’t really bother me. Now I just injured my back doing a vertical jump in my class at the Career Center two weeks ago, without knowing I hurt it. I played basketball on it a the following Sunday. I took a charge and my back hit the floor. SMACK I hit the floor I could really feel the pain I knew something wasn’t right, I don’t remember what happened because I blacked out, but all I know is that I went to the doctors. That's when they said I can’t do sports for a week and that is killing me. Then I hurt it again so this is going to be a long recovery. I’m very competitive so with not doing sports really hurts.

My recovery is going to be long and hard, but I will find a way to get through it. I can't push myself as hard as I usually do. Sports are my favorite I know that I can't play and push in them the coaches are going to wonder what’s wrong. With it being my junior year colleges are going to be looking at someone to play in there team. With soccer and basketball this was the year that I needed to not get hurt, I need to get scholarships to get into a good college. To help me pay for it. I just got to do my physical therapy and do what the doctors told me to do and I will be good. Most of the time I’m in sports, but I still find a way to do the things that I need to do. I’ve never had a hard time balancing school and sports but now I have to balance school, sports and physical therapy I’m going to be really busy.

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