Baby Blue

October 23, 2017
By Lexie2001 BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
Lexie2001 BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
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when I got was told I could keep a kitten I was estatic and he was my best friend until the end

Chapter 1: Baby Blue

Baby Blue
I woke up at 5:15am to the sound of my grandfather calling up the stairs. “Lexie, Emmie!” He hollered. I sat up in my bed and looked around my room. I saw the moonlight shining through the curtains hitting the cold wooden floors,
I dragged myself out of bed and slowly walked out the room, I turned right down the staircase and scuffed my feet across each step, I finally made my way to the bottom and smiled at my grandma sitting in the dining room.
I walked into the bathroom right off of the dining room, I heard a small meow and noticed My cat, Kit-Kat, is nowhere to be found. I bent down and saw my cat in an empty drawer, but she wasn’t alone there were four kittens cuddling next to her. I saw an orange little kitten and my eyes lit up, but I knew he was too young to touch so I just smiled and walked away
A few weeks later, The kittens were jumping around like little bunnies and playing non stop. The little orange one whom I have named, Blue was constantly sleeping in my lap unless he was in the cat room playing with his siblings and mom or eating. My heart would literally melt every time I saw him, and for someone struggling with depression I was pretty happy, even though he wasn’t really mine.
I sat in my room taking pictures of all the kittens, my sister and I named them all; Snickers a little tortoiseshell kitten, She was grey with white and orange spots, Snowball was a black male kitten, and Silhouette, a pure gray little girl and of course my favorite, Blue the little orange cuddly kitten.
I decided I should post the pictures and try to find them homes considering they will be 6 weeks old in a few days. Soon the only one left was blue, I don’t understand why no one wanted him, but I did and it hurt knowing that I had to give him away.
One day my grandma sat me down at the dining room table, she said “Lexie, are you ready for a big responsibility?” Thinking she was just going to send me to the store with the credit card I said yes, but boy was I wrong. She told me I could keep Blue as long as I fed him and cleaned the litter box.  I was so Excited I could barely contain myself
We did everything together after that, he would lazily sit on the counter next to me when I forced myself to do the dishes, sleep in my bed, when I got home from school he would run to the door and happily climb up my legs to be with me. It felt good to feel wanted in a world where everyone pushed me to the side
A few months later and he was my best friend. I made sure he was safe and he made sure I was happy. He kinda became my emotional support, something I could trust after everyone else let me down.
So of course when he got outside and didn’t come back I lost it. I could barely control myself. I knew deep down something happened but I didn’t want to admit it. I circled the neighborhood everyday looking for him. I nervously checked everywhere for two weeks.
Sadly, I found him, but at this point I really didn’t want to. He was in my backyard laying limp. How he got there, I don’t know. I screamed and cried.
I just lost the first thing I’ve ever truly loved, in a heartbeat.
The thing I could talk too when I didn’t have anyone else. The thing that kept me grounded.
So now I’m steadily floating away and my loved ones are trying to pull me back down, but how can you fix something like this? How can someone expect me to move on so quickly?
I felt like I lost a child, but I’ve grown from this loss and I’m slowly working to move on. I will never be the same again but I’ll be a better me. This loss made me realize to cherish the time you have with your loved ones because that might be your last.

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