The Adoption Process

October 23, 2017
By brendonwithad BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
brendonwithad BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
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This story is about my adoption process

Chapter 1: i dont know

It was at the age of 5 that I was adopted. I had lived with my great aunt and uncle since I was 10 months old. They had taken care of me from an early age and decided that they wanted to take care of me for as long as they were alive. I always have the best memories when I look back into the past of the times growing up. My family that adopted me had always been there whenever I needed them.
When the day that I was adopted came I was very anxious. The car ride to the courthouse felt like it was an entire sun and moon cycle. We had finally arrived and met up with my grandparents. It was then we walked through the door and saw multiple police officers with metal detecting wands. Everyone had gotten through security and I thought to myself there is a lot of things you have to do to get into a courthouse.
After waiting for a couple of minutes my family and I were able to walk into the gigantic room known as the family court room. The room had many benches in it and also had a podium for the judge to sit at and make his verdict of the adoption request. About 20 minutes went by and the room was in a dead silence. The judge finally came into the room and greeted my family and I and the process had finally started.
When the judge had started talking to us my mom had had to fill out a bunch of paperwork. After the paperwork was done the judge took me into this dark room. He asked me “How do you feel about living with your great aunt and uncle for the rest of your life.” I replied “ I love living with them because they treat me right and take care of me.” The judge and I then proceeded to walk back to the courtroom. Once we got back the judge told us that he wished us the best of luck. We had then taken a family photo with the judge and walked out of the courthouse feeling like we were all that and a bag of chips. To this day I still live with my great aunt and uncle and I am the happiest kid in the world. I hope that this story can be used to show that there is nothing wrong with being adopted.

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crazycatgirl said...
on Oct. 24 2017 at 9:25 am
crazycatgirl, Canton, Ohio
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"This is brave, this is bruised, this is who I'm meant to be, this is ME"

I was adopted at a very young age too, so I know how you feel. There is nothing wrong with being adopted by people who love you and will take care of you forever.

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