In Loving Memory

October 20, 2017
By KavonteCook00 BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
KavonteCook00 BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
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When I was young I’ll be over my grandma and grandpa I was only 3 or 4 out in a small part of town by farms my grandma would be would gone for work and my I’ll stay with my grandpa having fun with him the whole.

When I was there I’ll be with my grandpa the most of time spending a lot of time with him but as I gotten older we kinda grown apart further and further as the years go by. One day I want to stay the night over my grandpa’s and grandma's house because i’ve been missing them. I’ll be with both them this time loving every moment talking about how good I did last year in school and how was I staying active outside of sports.

It seem like every weekend I was over there I started to grow this bound with my grandpa again and creating a new bound with my grandma but sometimes my grandma was gone so it was only me and my grandpa together.
As the hours go by me and grandpa are sharing old stories laughing and having fun together like we used to.

Every moment with him was like a dream that you wanna have again and again we’ll watch football or criminal minds either betting on who the killer was or betting who was gonna win the game.

On August 25, 2014 was the day my grandpa was feeling weird like something was wrong but he said he was fine so I paid no mind to it.

The next day comes and he’s feeling the same I was telling him we should go to the hospital but he refused and as the hours goes by he’s feeling weak so I went to bed early my grandpa told me he was staying a little longer and watch T.V. in his chair.

On August 27,2014 I wake up and got dressed went upstairs to start my day.

I see my grandpa still sleeping in his chair I left him there and I ate cereal, brushed my teeth and washed my face I came out he was still sitting there I still left him alone.

I went downstairs to play the game for an hour or more I went back upstairs he was still laying and it was noon so I try to wake him up I shook him calling grandpa making my voice get louder and louder as I call his name.

He didn’t bog or make any sounds so I shook him a couple more times then I finally realized.

That he was dead.

Finding out my grandpa was died was like a bullet to the heart. I was thinking no this can’t be true I was heart broken know he was dead I was in denial and I had to face the facts that he was gone forever.

I was broken that I could tell him I loved him once more or that I couldn’t tell him.

Goodbye one last time.

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