The New Addition

October 20, 2017
By OneMinuteProductions BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
OneMinuteProductions BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
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My house. Quiet, the smell of a brown leather couch filled my nostrils. I was laying on my old couch with absolutely nothing to do. I look across the room to see my brother slowly falling asleep in a hard, wooden chair. My mom was sitting on her bed in the other room, staring intently at her phone. I decide to get up and see what she looking at. She, of course, was on Facebook, but this time she wasn’t quickly swiping through the pages. Her eyes were locked on one post, all I seen was a picture of some puppies and didn’t think anything else of it. After a few moments of silence she asked me what I would think if we got two more dogs, more specifically more puppies. I just thought this was a hypothetical question, so I looked down at my two dogs that just so happen to be laying on the floor next to me, and said,”I guess that would be cool.” She agreed and called my brother into the room and asked his opinion on having four dogs.

He said almost exactly what I said, “that might be cool.” She quickly looked down at her phone and showed my brother and I a picture of around eight puppies. I closely surveyed the picture and picked out the best looking pups. My mom took the phone back and showed us the ones she wanted. We left the room and did our own thing for awhile. Later I caught her looking at the pictures again, once she saw me looking at her she slowly said, “I think we’re getting these two,” as she pointed to the two puppies she showed me and my brother earlier. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to get the them. We started our journey to get our two new puppies within the next week. It took us almost two hours to get there, so on our way we started brainstorming some names ideas for them. I came up with Peach and Daisy for the girl but no one else liked the idea.

My dad started throwing out some names. He only said said a few until we settled on the boy's name to be Loki (As in Thor’s brother). My mom only had to say one name and it stuck. Niko. The perfect name for the girl. This name came from an older song she likes. Once we arrived the smell of hay and horses flooded my car. Immediately when I got out of the car I saw about eight small puppies all crowded around two cookie sheets covered in gross looking wet dog food. My parents started talking to the people that were watching over the puppies, while my brother, sister and I messed with all the pups. All of them covered in wet, nasty smelling dog food. Only two or three tiny dogs came towards us but they seemed very happy to see us. Less than ten minutes pass, my brother and sister have already wandered off to look at some horses that have been staring us down since we got there. Soon I get up and check out these two big, brown, slick horses. Eventually we all grouped back together and picked out our boy and girl pups.

While my little sister and I were holding Loki and Niko, my parents paid for them. We all quickly piled into the car, so we can get a good look at our new additions to the family. We all were petting and hugging on the dogs all the way home. Once we got home we gave them all a bath, then messed with them the rest of the night. I ended up sleeping on the wooden floor with all my dogs for the night, which turned into months. Just a few days after getting Loki and Niko my mom came up to me asked said,”I think… we have to get another puppy.” I looked at her with my mouth wide open,”Are you serious!?,” I asked loudly. She was very serious. Later that day, my parents headed out to go get the third puppy. This last dog was named Maggy, which was also named after a song. The puppies then, I could easily hold them in one hand, now I can barely pick up one at a time (Niko especially).

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